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Man Firth stock the very latest range of next-generation electric bikes and electric motorcycles, providing a completely road-legal way to tour, cruise and commute. Our electric bicycle collection offers a range of ebikes with unbeatable features, from powerful fat-wheel ebikes to electric cruisers that are sure to be the next big phase of the ebike revolution. If you would like to try before you buy, feel free to organise an ebike test ride, so you can be sure your electric bicycle compliments your own riding needs. Each product in our ebike collection is reviewed by industry experts. You can watch them being put through their paces in the review video on the product page, helping you determine which is the best scooter for your ride to work.

Why Choose an ebike?

Electric bicycles have become commonplace on Britains roads today, and have been adopted into almost every cycling discipline. From food delivery companies to private users, the electric bicycle is helping riders travel further and faster, giving riders greater freedom than conventional pushbikes. Whether you are looking for a fantastic way to commute to work, or simply want a little assistance to power up and down hills, Man Firth have the right ebike for you. As well as the conventional electric bicycle with power-assisted pedals, Man Firth also stock the latest electric motorcycles, providing up to 36 miles range from the powerful 2000W motor. With only 4 hours charge time, the Rooder Electric Cruiser is able to be used for most commutes and can be ridden on the roads with the correct license. So whether you need a little assistance, or a completely powered ride, Man Firth has the right ebike for you!

Electric Bike Finance

In partnership with Phoenix Finance, all of our Commuter Scooters are available with tailored payment packages, enabling you to ride away after paying an initial deposit. You then pay the balance over a period of your choice, meaning that buying an electric bicycle is simple and convenient! View our ebike finance page for details on how to apply.

Electric Bicycle Delivery

Man Firth Electric offer free UK Mainland delivery for all our ebikes. Some assembly may be required, as the ebikes are folded down to be shipped. If you are not confident doing this yourself, then we recommend that you find a local bike mechanic to help with the set-up. If you have any questions about setting up your new electric bicycle, please feel free to contact us, and our team will help you in any way we can.

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