2 year Warranty Cover breakdown

All 2021 purchases now come with

2 years manufacturing parts warranty & 1 year battery warranty

What's covered

Existing 1 year & our 2021 ONLY 2 year Warranty covers:

Main manufacturing and material defects supplied on a replacement basis only* Warranty covers you solely against manufacturing faults.

  • battery- 1 year ONLY
  • displays/throttles
  • controllers
  • motors
  • charger


  1. Due to the nature of the products we sell and the environment they operated in, breakages can sometimes occur therefore general wear and tear or any damage caused by excess driving, over pushing the limits or misuse is not covered.
  2. Items such nuts/bolts/brake cables are NOT covered under warranty unless deemed a manufacturing fault. Loose bolts/screws or issues with threads/sizing or any machining process that isn't a safety issue isn't covered under your warranty; this will be resolved via workshop return or repairs sent directly out.


 Warranty covers you solely against manufacturing faults.

  1. *On purchasing a product from us you MUST be prepared to make parts changes to your items
  2. All warranty claims need supporting photo &  video evidence to enable us to determine the exact fault & the correct warranty part/or process to follow. Please send your warranty claim to sales@manfirth.com
  3. A simple Volt meter is also required to test basic outputs of the item if the warranty claim is power/battery/ charging related.
  4. When the warranty claim has been assessed & agreed, parts will be sent to your address where you can perform the work needed.
  5. We can offer a collection, labour, repair & return service but this is chargeable. You will need to arrange for your item to be returned to our nominated address. For this service please email us on sales@manfirth.com for more information.
  6. Batteries are covered for manufacturer defect only.
  7. Valid only with the original receipt of purchase.
  8. We will NOT send any parts out until evidence has been submitted & assessed by our team. This will speed up the results process of any fault raised.
  9. Your warranty will start the day/date you receive your product/s


  1. Any sign of water damage will null & void your warranty

  2. The warranty doesn’t cover external damage such as broken parts or general wear and tear, excessive riding or items such as tyres and brakes, nuts/bolts.
  3. Excludes consumable wearing fittings, such as brakes and tyres. 
  4. Excludes parts with physical damages, incomplete/broken cable connections.
  5. Excludes misuse, modification, negligence and use of the scooter in wet conditions.
  6. Excludes professional and hire use.
  7. Warranty is NON-Transferrable.