The NAMI KLIMA scooter may be considered an “entry” level option in their range, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it lacks in performance. This scooter packs a serious punch with neck-snapping acceleration and a respectable top speed of close to 42.0 mph that is sure to impress even the most experienced riders. 

At £2500, it certainly rivals some of the pricier options with its, fully customizable controls, adjustable suspension, buttery smooth ride, and performance numbers. In fact, it’s even earned a spot as one of the top 10 fastest-accelerating scooters to 30.0 mph in our tests. 

This will be a perfect scooter for those wanting some of the best performance on the market without dropping £3000-£4000 on a scooter.

Best-In-Class Acceleration
Immaculate Ride-Feel Thanks To Top-End Suspension
Everything That Makes The Burn-E Amazing In A Smaller Lighter Package.
Great Lighting System
Superb Braking
The Rear Lights And Rear Fender Design Feel Unfinished
Awkward To Move Because Of No Deck Latch And Small Deck Tail

NAMI is a name that’s been associated with speed and power, thanks to their renowned NAMI BURN-E scooter. 

While their flagship model, the Burn-E 2 MAX, broke almost every performance record in our database and is a personal favorite for many scooter enthusiasts, its hefty price tag of £4500 has made it out of reach for many riders.

 Its base model, the Burn-E 2, has similar acceleration, a lower top speed, and costs a lot less, but it’s still a 100.0 lb scooter, and for some riders, that’s hard to live with. 

This is why the KLIMA is so exciting: All the passion, design, and rigorous testing we’ve come to expect from NAMI plugged into a new, more portable form factor at a more approachable price sounds like a recipe for success. And boy, did they deliver, from its rugged, sporty design to its high-quality components, the KLIMA is a sight to behold. With its insane Sub 5 second 0-30.0 mph acceleration time, this scooter is sure to get your heart racing.

The NAMI KLIMA comes in two versions, and for what this scooter offers, the base model (with a 25 Ah battery) is an absolute steal at $2,300. During our testing, we opted for the $2,999 MAX version of the KLIMA, which comes with a larger 30 Ah battery. The larger battery mostly affects the range, but otherwise, the two versions are basically identical. We will highlight any differences between the two where applicable.

Is it Good for Bigger, Heavier Riders?

It’s a NAMI, so it’s obviously well suited for heavier riders. With a weight capacity of up to 265.0 lbs, this scooter can undoubtedly hold a lot of weight; it’s not the highest, but it can support a wide range of riders. The 60V 30A battery, 2*1000W rated motors, and powerful controllers work in tandem to provide all the performance you require to support a heavier rider. This scooter won’t struggle on most terrains or tasks thrown at it. Slopes? Piece of cake!

In terms of ride ergonomics, the scooter features a 42.0-inch tall handlebar (the tallest after the BURN E-2 and BURN E-2 MAX on the database), solidly built components, and adjustable suspension, that offer comfort and a confidence-inspiring ride for heavier riders.

The tall handlebar ensures that taller riders won’t have to hunch over while riding, while the sturdy frame means the scooter won’t break down from the rider’s heavy weight. On the other hand, the adjustable suspension allows riders to fine-tune the suspension’s feel and travel according to their weight and the terrain they ride on.

The only potential issue for larger riders may be the deck size; it is of average size and potentially less comfortable for those with bigger feet. However, with proper feet placement, they can still achieve a snug fit that can work really well (we will touch more on this in the ride quality).

NAMI Klima MAX Review

Performance Summary

Top Speed

66.9 km/h


40.2 km

Braking Distance (15 to 0 mph)

2.9 m

Hill Climb


0 to 15 mph

2.0 s

0 to 20 mph

2.8 s

0 to 25 mph

4.0 s

0 to 30 mph

4.9 s

0 to 35 mph

6.7 s

0 to 40 mph

12.3 s


When it comes to scooters in this price range, the VSETT 10+ has been the go-to for comparisons in terms of acceleration. However, times are changing, and a new powerhouse has entered the scene: the NAMI KLIMA. While the race to 15.0 mphwas neck and neck, it’s at higher speeds where the true divergence becomes apparent, making the NAMI KLIMA the newfound yardstick for this class of scooters.

This new powerhouse can go from 0-30.0 mph in less than 5 seconds, clocking in at 4.9 seconds against the 5.3 s of the Vsett 10+. This is a feat that only a select few scooters have been able to achieve. In fact, out of the over 100 scooters that we have tested, only 12 have made the cut for this sub-5-second time, and they are mostly larger, heavier, powerful, and much more expensive models.

To put this into perspective, this acceleration time rivals the Dualtron Storm, which costs twice as much! And the lead is so much bigger in a race against other scooters in its class. For instance, the Roadrunner RS5+ takes 7.6 seconds to hit 30.0 mph. Let’s not even mention the legendary Kaabo Wolf Warrior X GT that also trails at 5.9 seconds.

This outstanding performance can be attributed to the perfect harmony between the 40 A sine wave controllers, powerful motors, and great thumb throttle response . The sine-wave controller helps provide excellent speed control throughout the acceleration process and smooths out any jerky inputs from the thumb throttle while the motor provides plenty of power to get up to speed quickly. 

The thumb throttle response is smooth enough for maintaining relatively low speeds in busy bike lanes and sidewalks without having to worry about sudden lurches in speed. And when you encounter areas without bike lanes, this scooter’s acceleration easily keeps up with traffic without any problems. Of course, we don’t recommend riding alongside cars if you can avoid it, but it’s nice to know this scooter has the power to hold its own if needed.

Top Speed

With twin 1000W motors, a 60V battery, and twin 40A sine-wave controllers, the KLIMA scooter sounds like a true beast. But, how fast does it actually go? 

Well, while it’s not aiming for a record-breaking top speed, this scooter still hits an impressive 41.6 mph, which is faster than you’ll ever want to go on 10.0 inch wheels

Compared to other scooters in its class, it’s faster than the Phantom V3 at 40.3 mph, on par with the roadrunner RS5+ at 41.6 mph, and slower than the Vsett 10+ at 43.3 mph and the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X GT at 45.3 mph.

The scooter has five different riding modes, for complete control over how fast you go. E mode cuts your speed down to 30%, D to 60%, S to 80%, C to 90%, and X, gives you the max speed. And if you really want to push the limits and need an extra boost, the Turbo setting in the p-settings will give you a 12% increase in power and speed

To fully activate the turbo mode you need to hold the + button for a second while the scooter is moving (a TURBO pictogram will appear). “ON” will appear under the turbo icon when it is active.

Hill Climb

If you’re someone who loves to take on hills with your electric scooter, the NAMI KLIMA might pique your interest. Its powerful 1000W dual motor makes it a pretty impressive hill climber. 

We put it to the test on our steep 10% 200.0 ft hill test, and it zipped up there in just 7.7 seconds, maintaining a steady average speed of 17.8 mph. This performance puts it on par or even better than other scooters in its class.

Range and Battery

The NAMI KLIMA comes with two battery options: the 60V 25A on the Base model, which has a manufacturer-claimed range of 50.0 miles, and the 60V 30A (LG 21700 cells) on the Max Version, which offers a manufacturer-claimed range of 60.0 miles. These numbers tend to be overstated and it’s important to take them with a grain of salt.

That’s exactly what we did when we tested the NAMI KLIMA Max with the 60V 30A battery. While the manufacturer claimed a range of 60.0 miles, we only managed to get 25.0 miles when riding aggressively in turbo mode–that’s less than half its stated range.

But before you lose all hope, it’s essential to note that we were pushing the scooter to its limits, and by riding conservatively and avoiding turbo mode, you could easily get over 30.0 miles on a full battery.

The NAMI KLIMA’s battery takes around 10 hours to charge with the standard charger, but if you need a faster charging time, you have the option of using a fast charger that reduces the time to just 5 hours

Note: the battery is the only difference between the standard and max versions. Unless you need the extra range or specifically want LG batteries, going for the 25 Ah battery option and saving $600 seems like a smart choice.


The NAMI KLIMA comes with state-of-the-art Logan two-piston full hydraulic disc brakes with 160mm rotors on the front and rear, as well as regenerative braking for added stopping power. After extensive testing, we can confirm that the Logan hydraulic brakes installed on the NAMI KLIMA provide superior stopping power compared to other brands like Zoom and NUTT, often found on scooters in this class.

From 15.0 mph, the KLIMA was able to come to a stop in an impressive 9.4 feet, making it one of the best braking systems we’ve tested yet. The tires on this scooter also deserve a special mention as they provide excellent grip, which helps reduce sliding and skidding when braking, significantly reducing the stopping distance.

During most of the testing, the regen braking was set to 0. Out of the box, the regen is set to 1 out of 5 (the minimum setting) — but even then, some users may find it a bit too aggressive. We highly recommend taking advantage of the disc brakes, as they provide more than enough stopping power and have a progressive feeling that lets you brake gently without any sudden jolts.

Ride Quality

The riding experience on this scooter is truly unparalleled. The dual rebound adjustable suspension (KKE coil shocks) and the 10.0-inch tubeless pneumatic street tires work in perfect harmony and make for a smooth and stable ride, even when going off-road.


The dial on the suspension adjusts the rebound, letting you determine how quickly the suspension decompresses. You can also adjust the preload by tightening the collars on the bottom of the shocks. The suspension is adjusted pretty well out of the box, so we would suggest starting there. Later on, you can personalize your experience as you better understand how the suspension feels and responds to different circumstances, such as varying terrain or rider weight.

Onto the ride ergonomics:

You may think of the KLIMA as a mini Burn-E, but don’t be misled by the “mini” label. The word “mini” would imply a small, cramped cockpit and riding platform, which is not the case. The deck measures an average of 18 inches, which may look short at first glance, but you will be pleasantly surprised at how comfortably you can position your feet. This is due to the distance the platform is positioned back from the handlebars. This makes for good ergonomics: you won’t feel squished up against the cockpit, and you will naturally settle into a comfortable riding position.The deck to handlebars height is a comfortable 42.0 inches, making it perfect for both shorter and (especially) taller riders alike. The locking grips feature a cool, angular texture for added comfort and secure grip.

All the dimensions and design choices on the KLIMA come together so nicely, while the handling and overall ride feel make this scooter a dream to ride. That said, there is an interesting advantage to KLIMA over its older brother, the Burn-E. The Burn-E can feel sluggish when handling due to its weight and size, but the KLIMA, with its lower weight, smaller wheels, sine wave controllers, and smaller dimensions, means that speed and handling are more precise and responsive.


The throttle response and acceleration can make or break the riding experience, and they got it right on the KLIMA. The throttle on this scooter is a thumb throttle but with a horizontal actuating style that differs from the vertical actuating one that’s commonly found on budget-friendly modelsIt still has the infamous dead zone at the beginning of travel, but it is still more intuitive for most riders than a trigger throttle and provides better control over acceleration than the other styles of thumb throttle. 

Don’t be too put off by the dead zone-it may take some getting used to, but with a little time and practice, it’s likely you won’t even notice it anymore.


The KLIMA can fold down into a much more compact size of 51.0 inches by 27.0 inches by 24.3 inches, but is still too heavy (79.0 lbs) to be considered completely portable. However, it’s somewhat more manageable than its bigger NAMI counterparts, which weigh over 100.0 lb. 79.0 lbs isn’t light and may be too unwieldy to carry in one hand, but it’s possible to lift it with two hands for short distances, such as into a car trunk or up a few step.

NAMI, however, missed an opportunity to improve ease of carrying/transportation by not including a deck latch to secure the handlebars when the scooter is folded. Most riders aren’t going to pick this scooter up by the stem when folded because of its weight, but having the handlebars flopping around awkwardly while loading it into a car or walking up stairs adds an unnecessary layer of difficulty.

To add on to this hassle, the deck tail doesn’t give you a great place to grab the scooter when lifting it either.



The NAMI KLIMA Cockpit is designed with simplicity in mind. The 27.0-inch handlebars are wide enough to house all the controls without any unnecessary clutter, leaving enough space for a comfortable grip. The controls are placed in the same old positions as the previous model, but with some slight updates to the display and the buttons.

The NAMI KLIMA Cockpit is designed with simplicity in mind. The 27.0-inch handlebars are wide enough to house all the controls without any unnecessary clutter, leaving enough space for a comfortable grip. The controls are placed in the same old positions as the previous model, but with some slight updates to the display and the buttons.

Everything is where you’d expect it to be on the left-hand side; you have the rear brake lever and left-hand switch that houses the power button and the instrument panel adjustment buttons (M, +, -), which allows easy access to the modes and settings as well as navigation through the P-setting menu.

On the right side, there’s the thumb throttle, front brake lever, and the right switch that houses the headlight button, turn signals, and horn. However, they made a few adjustments to the headlights and turn switches; you get a blue light when you press the headlight button and green lights when you press the indicator buttons to inform you that they are active. 

In the middle of the handlebar is a large, bright IP65-rated display similar to those found on previous NAMI models but with reduced glare for easier reading in direct sunlight. It provides all relevant information, such as headlight/turn signal status, motor/controller temperature, assisted start mode, cruise control, turbo on/off status, battery status, instantaneous speed readings, average speed readings, mileage counters, and more. That’s more than enough stats.

It’s great that the display’s functionality is similar to previous NAMI models, which means you won’t have to spend a lot of time relearning how to use it. Once you get the hang of it, the display opens up a whole new world of customization options; You can change between five different riding modes, adjust rear and front motor power, set a limit on maximum speed, adjust E-brake power, and enhance Turbo strength

Additionally, the display exemplifies practicality by featuring a USB port, making charging your device on the go a breeze.



The NAMI KLIMA electric scooter offers an impressive lighting package that blends form and function. This scooter ensures that you ride with utmost visibility and safety, featuring an ultra-bright headlight, turn signals, brake light, and tail light.

The headlight of the KLIMA has an impressive 2000-lumen ultra-bright light, so you can be sure that it will provide adequate lighting for whatever environment you are riding in. This light is mounted high on the stem of the scooter, allowing you to have a good vantage point when riding at night as well as making you more visible to other cars on the road. But more than just functionality, the headlight adds a touch of signature NAMI design and style to the scooter.

In addition to this powerful headlight, the KLIMA also includes turn signals, which are quickly becoming a standard feature on electric scooters in this price range, as well as a brake light and tail light that are all illuminated by an ultra-bright LED strip.

The rear LED strip gets even brighter when you brake to alert other drivers that you are slowing down, while the turn signals are helpful in letting others know your intended direction of travel. What’s more impressive is that you can use both the brake light and indicators simultaneously without one canceling out the other, which isn’t possible with some competitors’ scooters like the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X GT


The NAMI KLIMA has 10.0-inch by 3.0-inch tubeless pneumatic street tires from CST that feature a rounded profile designed to provide superior cornering performance. These tires maintain optimal contact with the ground when cornering, enabling a smoother overall ride and improved stability.


Their tread pattern and robust rubber provide excellent grip on wet surfaces and are designed to minimize the risk of slipping on even light gravel or soil paths.

For those who plan on doing more off-roading, there are some more suitable off-road tire options that can be purchased separately. These tires feature thicker sidewalls that offer increased strength for rough terrains and higher knobs for improved grip in mud or sand.


The Deck on the NAMI KLIMA may not be the largest out there, but it definitely gets the job done. The 18.8-inch by 8.0-inch dimensions give you just enough space to place both your feet for aggressive riding without feeling too crowded while still allowing for some slight leg shifting for balance and control.

Additionally, with a deck ground clearance of 7.0 inches, the scooter sits higher than most, making it less likely to scrape when going over curbs or taking detours into light off-roading trails. 

To keep your feet secure on the deck, the KLIMA is covered in grip tape, offering excellent support. 

Build Quality

The KLIMA continues NAMI’s trend of a unique, welded, tubular frame scooter that looks effortlessly cool and edgy. The all-matte black coloring only adds to its mysterious and slightly intimidating aesthetic, making it feel like something straight out of Batman’s Batcave.

But beyond just looking great, the KLIMA is also built to last, with high-quality materials used throughout. The single-piece aircraft-grade aluminum deck is a strong base that can handle the rigors of daily use, and the welds, where necessary, are done with great care and attention to detail.

The locking mechanism of the stem has undergone some changes, and it’s worth noting. The KLIMA now comes with a clamp locking mechanism different from the BURN E’s spinning collar mechanism. Both mechanisms serve the purpose well, but the one on the KLIMA allows for faster folding and unfolding of the scooter. 

The stem clamp is a quick-release style, with one large folding leaf that locks the stem collar in place. This larger lever is easy to open and close, providing a secure fit with no wiggle or play.

The motor hub of the KLIMA is equipped with cooling fins that not only look more aesthetically pleasing but also help dissipate heat faster, allowing you to use your scooter for longer periods without worrying about overheating.

With an impressive IP55 rating, this scooter can withstand light sprinkles, giving you the freedom to ride through those drizzly days, but what’s even more impressive is that the key components like the display, controllers, and connectors have a higher IP65 rating, ensuring they can withstand even more adverse conditions. Of course, while this scooter can handle rainy weather, we don’t recommend riding in these conditions as it increases the chance of accidents and may even void your warranty. 

The battery is nestled safely inside the deck and is perfectly water-proof, The cables have been cladded to give them great resistance against moisture, and the connectors (controls and display) are bunched up together using shrink wrap to provide an extra layer of protection and a cleaner look. 

Moreover, all the cables connecting to the display, throttle, controls, and motors have quick connectors. This makes it super easy to upgrade or replace a part without having to run through lengths of wires or re-wiring everything down. Talk about convenience!

The front and rear fenders do an excellent job of keeping water and mud from splashing up on both the rider and the scooter itself. However, we do have some nitpicky critiques. Although all the NAMI scooters have the two-fender combo on the rear, it seems like a bit of an afterthought. The two fenders don’t fit together naturally, but it’s better to have them than not, especially if you want to stay dry. Also, this style fits NAMI’s aesthetic in a way.

Finally, the rear tail light does feel a bit unfinished and exposed without a cover over the LED strip. Nevertheless, it (also) fits NAMI’s aesthetic perfectly and adds to the rugged, sporty feel that they’re known for. 


The NAMI KLIMA scooter is all about safety, and It’s evident in every aspect of its design. Its motorcycle-grade horn is so loud it could wake the dead, ensuring that others hear you on the road while the lighting profile is bright enough to provide ample visibility during any time of day or night. The braking system is as reliable as they come, giving you complete control even in the most high-pressure situations.

The frame and parts of the scooter are well-built and durable, significantly reducing the risk of any potential failures or breakdowns during use. And the electrical components, such as the battery and cables, have been thoughtfully sealed to prevent any water seepage that could lead to short circuits or other electrical hazards.

Additionally, the scooter allows You to customize almost every performance aspect, making it easy to tailor the ride to your skill level and comfort, ultimately increasing the safety factor of the ride.