5 Unexpected Benefits of Electric Scooters

As the number of electric scooter users increases so does the number of benefits they offer. We all know they’re environmentally friendly, save you time, are cost-effective, and of course lots of fun. But have you considered the other benefits they boast?

Here are Man Firth's top five unexpected benefits of electric scooters:


Balancing your body may sound like a pretty basic skill but an important one none the less. Riding an E-scooter will help you develop this further at no real effort. Balance is an incredibly important skill that most take for granted, think about a babies first steps and what a mile stone that is in terms of development. Put it simply better body balance = extra mobility skills. Riding an E-scooter alone, even without performing stunts or with excessive speed, will be great for improving your sense of balance. This proves extremely beneficial for those of us who are not born with amazing co-ordination in the first place.


Electric scooters have been praised across the world for the increased mobility they offer those with health issues. In countries like New Zealand where electric scooters are a preferred way to commute, they’ve been applauded for being a great car replacement for people who have disabilities preventing them from driving. They’re preferred to bikes as an e-scooter won’t wear the rider out from pedalling. When walking isn’t an option and public transport can be difficult, more and more people are opting for the health benefits and convenience of an electric scooter. 

New Hobby, New Mates.

Being on your electric scooter will also give you a new perspective. Once you start, the exhilarating thrill of riding your new E-scooter can take you to new places you wouldn’t usually visit. Not only this but the electric scooter community is growing rapidly which brings a lot of new social interaction opportunities. It may surprise you how many electric scooter users you meet with a shared interest, bound to add to the quality of your life. 

When speaking to our customers we know that E-scooters give them more control of their lives; they’re getting around on their own terms, whilst saving money on fuel and helping the environment in the process. E-Scooters give back valuable time to their owners, to do more things they love or don’t usually get to fit in. What could you do with an extra hour each day?

Stress Relief 

We are all aware of the health benefits of fresh air. Being outdoors is a great form of stress relief which is even better when on your fun elctric scooter. Although E-scooters aren’t the cure for today’s busy lifestyle, they will increase your happiness levels. We know everybody who rides an E-scooter can’t help but smile when they do, whether that’s a leisurely commute to work or off roading at super speeds at the weekend.

Express Yourself

Have you seen the array of designs that are now available to you? As electric scooters grow in popularity so do the selections of designs too. This means not only can you find the perfect electric scooter to suit your tastes and requirements, but you can also express your own personality as well.

At Man Firth we have an exclusive range of the best E-scooters on the market today to suit all your needs.

Ranging from the on trend city sleeker Mercane Wide Wheel Pro to the super cool Kaabo Wolf Worrior to the fast and furious Dualtron Thunder. You can express yourself, keep up and stand out like never before. 

What more could you ask for? 

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