Nanrobot D6+ Electric Scooter Independent Review: RONAN EDUARD

Man Firth Electric featuring a superb review of the Nanrobot D6+

A lot of time has passed since electric scooters were considered a simple toy for kids. Today they are fast, reliable and some of them feature a unique design that will make you stand out on the road. The NANROBOT D6+ is one of them: its elegant and dynamic style doesn’t go unnoticed, and its features are no less impressive. With its power and design, this electric scooter is able to bring you on any terrain. Let’s take a deeper look at the handsome and performing NANROBOT D6+ electric scooter in this review.

The design of this electric scooter is very particular and this is the main ally due to this front and rear suspensions: they create a sort of arch above the tires that gives the e-scooter a dynamic and aggressive look. The deck, stem tube, and handlebar feature an all-black elegant finish.

The frame is made from low-density aluminum alloy, a very strong material that ensures stability and durability. The NANROBOT D6+ can carry up to 330 lbs, so it’s suitable for adults even when they are carrying some sort of load with them (a gym bag, shopping bag, etc…). On the other hand, the frame itself is a bit heavy: the e-scooter weighs 77 lbs which makes it hard for the majority of people to lift it comfortably. So, even though the frame is foldable, portability is not to be considered the NANROBOT D6+’s main forte.

Nanrobot D6+


The handlebar follows the elegant monochromatic style of the electric scooter. There are a lot of controllers on it because the NANROBOT D6+ has a lot of features. However, the manufacturer has found the perfect way of making them all reachable without losing grip on the handles. 

Brake levelers are located on both sides since this electric scooter features a front and rear brake. The accelerator can be operated through a small level on the right side that the ride can pull with their index finger. This type of accelerator is usually found only in a top-grade electric scooter like this one that can rich high speeds. It’s comfortable and secure and allows a firm grip on the handlebar at any moment.

On the right side of the handlebar, you will also find the Display with two buttons, one for turning it On and the other to switch between modes. The display is well visible and it provides useful information on the riding: speed, battery level, selected modes…

Two more buttons are located below the handlebar and they are reachable with your thumb. They are for switching between Eco and Turbo mode, and activate or deactivate the second motor (see below for details).

On the left sight, there are additional controllers: a horn button, the key lock, the on and off headlight button and the directional lights buttons.

This looks like a lot to have on a handlebar, but every button or controller is located in a way that is reachable with your finger without losing grip on the handlebar or take your hand away from the brake levers or the accelerator. Furthermore, the handlebar can be folded: the handgrips can be blended down so that the electric scooter occupies even less space when folded.

Nanrobot D6+


The braking system is one of the best features of the NANRBOT D6+. It has front and rear hydraulic disc brakes. These are the absolute best brake that you can have on an electric scooter. They are extremely effective, even under wet conditions. You can use them to gently slow down the electric scooter or to stop it abruptly but always safely. Additionally, this electric scooter is provided with EBS technology (to load the energy utilized during the braking) to shorten the braking distance even further.


The NANROBOT D6+ features three types of lights:

  • A headlight that is very effective in enlightening the road up ahead.
  • A rear red light to signal your presence on the road.
  • Directional lights to be used on the road just like you do when you drive your car or motorcycle.


The NANROBOT D6+ electric scooter features thick 10’’ pneumatic tires. There is a lot to be appreciated about these tires. Their only drawback is that being the pneumatic type, they are subject to puncture and you’ll need to check their pressure every once in a while. For the rest, they are awesome. Pneumatic provides comfort and speed on any type of terrain. This wide and thick tires in particular offer stability and performance on flat terrain but also on rough ones. Even though they are not 100% puncture-proof, they are extremely resistant. These tires are just the perfect ones to support and boost the NANROBOT D6+ performance.


The NANROBOT D6+, just last most of electric scooters these days, features a retractable kickstand through which you can lean the electric scooterscooter standing. This is a useful feature especially for heavy electric scooters like this one. With the keys needed to be turned ON and the kickstand feature, you can use your NANROBOT D6+ like a motorcycle, parking it outside the buildings and doing your errands while it waits for you outside.

Nanrobot D6+


Being aimed at adults, the NANROBOT D6+ electric scooter has a large and long deck. Bot hothead feet can rest comfortably on it. The deck is 7 inches away from the ground, this allows you to take small bumps without worrying about damaging the deck. This simple feature makes the electric scooter more agile and durable.

The NANROBOT D6+ comes pretty much assembled. You need to unfold it and lock the folded handlebar into its unfolded place and you are almost ready to go. You want to at least charge the battery though, and check the tires’ pressure. There are also rear and front fenders that need to be mounted which are extremely easy to assemble.

What’s important is that the electric scooter comes with a detailed User Manual. Having so many controllers and buttons this was 100% necessary and the manufacturer wasn’t disappointing on this matter.

Performance of NANROBOT D6+ electric scooter:

Apart from being stylish and coming assembled out of its box, the NANROBOT D6+ best feature is its overall performance. The dual-motor provides power for a top speed that can reach 40 mph. Since 40 mph is quite fast, you can limit the speed in a couple of ways: you can choose to use only one motor instead of both, and select between several speed modes.

The suspensions are also impressive. They are mounted on both front and rear and they provide great stability even on the roughest terrain. You can jump on your electric scooter and you’ll see the suspension cushion your fall and provide energy in return.

Battery life and charging time

The NANROBOT D6+ can run for about 40 miles on a single charge. This is made possible by an excellent 26 Ah Lithium Battery. The charging ports are located on the deck. You can use only one of them or both to have a quicker charging. The NANROBOT D6+ also features a type-C port located on the handlebar: that is not meant to charge the electric scooter, but you can plug in your smartphone and use the e-scooter battery to charge it.

Why we like about NANROBOT D6+ electric scooter:

  • It allows great performance in terms of speed, balance and stability, and mileage. It can be ridden on almost any type of terrains and it’s great on the road as an alternative to traditional means of transport.
  • Impressive brake system and suspension. Brakes and suspensions exceed our expectations. They provide excellent security and comfort.
  • Pneumatic tires for enhanced performances
  • Optimal distance of the deck from the ground for enhanced agility.
  • Wide deck. This electric scooter features one of the widest decks on the e-scooter market. There’s plenty of foot space for improved comfort and stability.
  • What we didn't like about NANROBOT D6+ electric scooter:

    • It’s heavy. This is the only drawback we could point out in this amazing electric scooter.
    • It’s not cheap.


    Our rating 8.5/10

    Features 90%
    Battery range 80%
    Top speed 80%
    Quality 90%
    Value for money 85%


    We were more than positively impressed by the NANROBOT D6+ as you might have noticed in this review. We found it handsome and amazingly performing. Anything from speed to reliability,  security, and efficiency is excellent and top-grade. Even though this electric scooter costs more than £1400, you’ll see: it’s totally worth the price!