How fast is the Vsett 10 + Plus electric scooter? Heres a great review of the Vsett 10+ plus electric scooter

VSETT 10+ Electric Scooter Review: High Performance Meets High Quality

The VSETT 10+ electric scooter is the flagship high performance escooter for the VSETT brand which has made a name for itself because of its reputable and quality construction.

The VSETT 10+ is the next generation to the ZERO 10X and it is absolutely an improvement. 

In this review we are going to let you know what they improved, what we liked, and the drawbacks of the scooter. 


Our Top 5 Favorite Things about the VSETT 10+ Electric Scooter

  1. Tons of torque and power
  2. Great overall ride quality
  3. Strong locking mechanism for stem with zero wobble
  4. Extremely nimble
  5. Looks beautiful and is aesthetically pleasing

How Powerful is the VSETT 10+ Electric Scooter?

The Dual 1400-watt motors on the VSETT 10+ are extremely powerful!

You never know what you are going to get with stated specs, until you get a chance to ride them. I have ridden scooters that state huge numbers, but once you ride them the experience is lackluster. The VSETT 10+ in dual motors and sport mode is an exhilarating experience.

We had a chance to meet up with YouTuber Ginger on Wheels during our visit and see him race the VSETT 10+ against a Wolf Warrior 11+. The result: the new VSETT 10+ smoked the Wolf Warrior 11+ electric scooter. 

Despite Ginger on Wheels weighing in over 30 pounds more than the competition, Ginger on Wheels still pulled away on the VSETT 10+.

What impressed me the most about the VSETT line, is the instant torque on all their scooters. The top end picks up speed extremely fast in single or dual motors. While single motor mode is sluggish on the ZERO 10X electric scooter I didn’t notice that on the VSETT 10+

VSETT 10+ E-scooter Ride Quality and Ergonomics Make for a Comfortable Ride

Sometimes riding on electric scooters for a long period can be painful on the body. Shocks can be so stiff that your body takes a lot of the vibration. Decks can be too small making you feel cramped after long rides because you cannot shift around the deck.

I had a chance to ride the VSETT 10+ on a long group ride with the Portland PEV Group and never felt uncomfortable except for the wet cold air blowing against my skin as I raced comfortably down streets on a chilly winter night.

The rear kick plate is strong, and I kept my rear foot there while riding the VSETT 10+. Sometimes rear kick plates can be at an awkward angle that can be uncomfortable if used for long periods of time. This was not the case with the VSETT 10+.

The deck size on the VSETT 10+ is slightly smaller than the deck size on the ZERO 10X measuring 20” by 8” where the ZERO 10X is 21” by 9”.  However, the way the tapered rear kick plate is designed on the VSETT 10+ the deck feels larger than the ZERO 10X. I found the 10+ to be one of the more comfortable scooters I have ridden.

VSETT 10+ Electric Scooter Locking Mechanism Eliminates Stem Wobble

The achilles heal to the ZERO 10X is the stem and locking mechanism.  The ZERO 10X stem can become creaky and you almost always have a little stem wobble. The new stem design and locking mechanism on the VSETT 10+ is incredible and instills confidence.

The locking mechanism has three safety features to ensure it does not fail when you are riding. You have the huge locking clamp, a spring-loaded safety pin and a threaded lock. The design is similar to the Rion electric scooter but with some obvious additions and improvements.

The Rion e-scooter has the huge locking clamp which just uses a Velcro strap to ensure it does not fail.  VSETT e-scooter added a spring-loaded safety pin and a threaded lock.  VSETT also improved the tubular stem by making it a tubular stem with a pentagon shape encasing to make the stem more durable.

The VSETT 10+ Electric Scooter is Very Nimble and Fun to Ride

I love riding the ZERO 10X electric scooter through small mountain bike courses because it is so nimble.  I did not get a chance to ride the 10+ through a mountain bike course because it was very wet and muddy for much of the time we had the scooter for testing. 

The VSETT 10+ has a similar nimble feel to the ZERO 10X, that I could see myself loving it on small jumps and single tracks.

I rode the VSETT 10+ on the wet and slushy streets of Vancouver, Washington and through the pothole ridden streets of downtown Portland in rainy conditions. Despite the wet winter cold, the VSETT 10+ performed wonderfully.

The VSETT 10+ E-scooter Design and Color Stands Out

The VSETT 10+ black and yellow colors along with the angular lines, gets a lot of compliments.  I have seen a lot of comments on the scooter forums that they love the way the VSETT 10+ looks.

I rode the VSETT 10+ on the group ride and a lot of people mentioned to me that they loved the color and they thought it looked unique. The yellow accents pop from the mostly black body.

I like the way it looked in pictures but getting to see it in person is even better. There was a lot of thought into the design and the lines look great.

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Top 5 Drawbacks of the VSETT 10+ Electric Scooter

  1. It does not come with EXA Form 290 shocks
  2. It locks when folded but can unlock if tension is not applied
  3. Silicone deck gets dirty easy
  4. Light could be brighter and higher
  5. Mounting accessories on stem can be challenging because of unique shape

What Kind of Suspension/Shocks Does the VSETT 10+ Come With?

The VSETT 10+ does not come with EXA Form 290 Shocks.

Early pictures of the VSETT 10+ showed the scooter had EXA Form 290 shocks. Unfortunately, they have put very similar shocks on it that were on the ZERO 10X. However, they have made the shocks a more standard size making it easy to swap them out for the shocks of your choice.

The admin for Electric Scooter Evolution and The Legendary ZERO 11X Facebook Groups, Matt Boggs, confirmed that the front shock on the 10+ is 125mm and the rear is 165 mm.

Both of those sizes are pretty standard so it should not be too hard to exchange them out and it will not impact the way the height of the scooter sits. On the ZERO 10X, the front shock was 135mm making it hard to replace and keep the same profile.

When Folded, the VSETT 10+ E-Scooter Lock for Easier Carrying But…

I love that the hook on the top of the stem can be used to lock the scooter into the kick plate when folded making it nice for carrying up stairs or into a vehicle. However, if you do not keep tension on the scooter as you are lifting it can become unhooked.

There is almost no risk of it becoming unhooked while carrying. Just make sure to hold tension on the stem when locked to ensure it doesn’t slide out on you.

This is a negative to the scooter but it is much easier to carry the 10+ than the ZERO 10X. With a little practice, you will learn the best way to carry it without having issues.

VSETT 10+ E-Scooter Deck is Made of Silicone

Silicone decks are easy to clean but look dirty fast.

I have a love/hate relationship with silicone decks. I love how easy silicone decks are to clean. However, I hate that silicone decks will immediately get dirty as soon as you step on a clean one.

Grip tape decks are a pain to clean but they don’t look as dirty after rides. If you don’t like the look of a dirty deck and hate cleaning a silicone deck constantly, you can always swap it out for grip tape. It’s a trade off on what is better and it just depends on personal preference.

The VSETT 10+ E-Scooter Light Could be Brighter and Positioned Higher

I expect most scooter lights to be awful. The only three scooters to me that have a bright enough light for night riding is the Kaabo Wolf King, Kaabo Wolf Warrior, and Currus Panther. Now that I have ridden the VSETT 11+ with the huge light, I will be adding that to the list as well.

With the 10+, the light is actually brighter than most electric scooters but I still find it to be insufficient. Our group ride was at night and the 10+ light did pretty well but I like my scooter lights higher off the ground and a bit stronger.

There have been a lot of comments about the light moving up and down since the light is on the fender. I never found the light bouncing around cruising around at night to be a distraction.

If I was doing off-roading at night I could see this being an issue but I think most people would be off-roading during the day.

I think most people who do a lot of night riding are going to want to find a better light to use and mount on the handlebars.

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VSETT 10+ Specifications

Max Speed 40-44 MPH and 46-50 MPH in sport mode
Stated Range 55 – 115 miles
Estimated True Range 35 – 70 miles
Weight 86 lbs / 39 kg
Peak Power 4200 watts
Motor Dual 1400 watt motor
Battery 60V 28Ah LG
Watt Hours 1680
Charging Time 7-14 hours with a standard charger
Suspension Adjustable, front coil-spring, rear coil-spring
Brakes Dual disc brakes with electric ABS – 160mm Rotors
Wheel Size 10″
Tire 3″ Wide Pneumatic Front and Rear
Lights Brake light, Turn signals, Front LED, Rear LED
Controller 60V (30-35A)*2
Load (Max Rider Weight) 285 lbs / 130 kg
Folded Size 51 x 11 x 21 inches / 129 x 28 x 55cm
Unfolded Size 51 x 8.5 x 49 inches / 129 x 64 x 121 cm

Improvements with the VSETT 10+ compared to the ZERO 10X E-Scooter

  1. Turn signal indicators
  2. NFC card reader instead of a key
  3. Collapsible handlebars
  4. Open hole on kick plate for easier lifting and moving
  5. Charging ports on top of scooter but is extremely controversial
  6. Upgraded enclosed QS-S4 display
  7. Sport mode to prevent controller overheating
  8. Upgrade buttons for dual motors, sport mode, and horn
  9. Horn added
  10. Upgraded kickstand
  11. Turning range lockout to prevent accidents
  12. Improved stem and locking mechanism
  13. Nutt hydraulic brakes vs Zoom hydraulic brakes
  14. IP44 water resistance rating

VSETT 10+ Turn Signal Indicators

None of the previous ZERO scooters had turn signals. Now all of the VSETT scooters have turn signals. They buttons are sleekly put on the handlebar grips and are easy to use.

Hit the turn signal button and they turn on for 20 seconds and turn off by themselves. They are much more bright than the EMOVE Cruiser turn signal indicators but still are not perfect. The turn signals would be tough to see during the day and they are pretty low to the ground.

Turn signals really should be higher for the public to see but it would be hard to do that on a scooter. There are options to add a light to your helmet that has a wireless control module if you are really worried about needing effective turn signal indicators.

VSETT 10+ NFC Card Reader to Lock and Unlock the Scooter

The whole VSETT lines uses a revolutionary NFC card reader to unlock the scooter instead of your traditional keyed entry. I have seen a lot of people refer to it as an RFID which is very similiar technology, but you can technically program your phone to read NFC cards and emit an NFC signal.

We were able to figure out how to read the cards from our phone but not how to emit it to unlock the scooter. It is really awesome technology and I’m sure someone smarter than us could figure out how to user their phone to unlock it.

There is also a volt reader right below the NFC card reader which gives riders a better gauge of their battery charge level.

The Curved Handlebars on the VSETT 10+ E-scooter are Collapsible

The handlebars on the VSETT 10+ are collapsible making it great for portability. When you get into the high powered scooters, there are not a lot that have collapsible handlebars.

Normally collapsible handlebars are straight. On the VSETT 10+ the handle bars are curved which makes for a more enjoyable ride experience and when folded all the brake levers and throttle display sit tuck away more nicely.

Some people worry about stability at high speeds and having collapsible handlebars fail on them. If you are worried about handlebars failing on you, you could easily swap it out for a solid handlebar with the design of the VSETT 10+.

The grips do have the turn signal indicators built into them so you would want to keep the same grips unless you rewire a turn signal indicator switch.

VSETT 10+ E-scooter Kick Plate Handle Makes Lifting and Moving Around Much Easier

They added a handle on the kick plate to make it easier to lift and move around the scooter. I never had issues just grabbing the kick plate of the ZERO 10X to move the scooter, but the addition of the handle just shows you how much thought was put into the design of the VSETT 10+.

VSETT 10+ Charging Ports are Located on the top of the Deck

The charging ports are located on the top and front of the deck on all of the VSETT scooters. The location of charge ports has caused much controversy among the scooter groups. I guessed the change was due to gravity and wear of the charge port covers coming off the side and bottom charge ports, but there’s even more to it.

After speaking with the shop manager at REV Rides, Tyler, I found out that damaged charge ports was a common thing and that they are a pain to replace. A lot of people will crash or brush the side of the scooter against a curb, causing the charge port to break, shoot sparks, and not fit a charger. If the charge port brakes, you have to fish wire through the side panel and do some soldering.

The common person will not be able to replace the charge port so they will have to ship the unit back to the distributor or find a local repair shop. So, with the VSETT they designed the charge ports on the top front of the deck to keep it more protected.

A lot of people are worried about water filling up in the charge port, but as long as you keep the port covered you should never have to worry about it filling up with water.

We did lots of test in very wet conditions and never found water built up around the charge ports because the ports are protected from water by the base of the stem.

People are also worried about kicking the charge port covers off but you can always buy charge port covers that screw on to resolve that issue.

In terms of foot positioning, we found that on rare occasions our feet would encroach near the charging ports but most of the time, the tips of our shoes rarely got closer than within an inch from the charge ports.

The images below show where the charge ports are positioned on the VSETT 10+ deck as well as some examples of damaged side charge ports on other scooter models. The last image shows the more durable screw on charge port covers available at REVrides.

Upgraded QS-S4 Throttle Display on VSETT 10+ which looks like the EY3 display

VSETT upgraded the QS-S4 display to be enclosed and solve a major failure point of the previous QS-S4 displays. There used to be a magnet that would come out of the QS-S4 displays used on other scooter models and if you put it back in wrong, it could get stuck on full throttle. REV Rides did fix this issue by 3D printing an insert to prevent the battery from falling out.

The new display is fully enclosed so it should stop the issue of having the magnet fall out. They made the new display to look like the Minimotors EY3 display, which has made a lot of scooter enthusiasts upset. I do prefer the Minimotors EY3 display over the QS-S4 but still found the throttle to perform well.

The one pro to the display not being a Minimotors EY3 display is it is cheaper to replace. However, there is more of a failure rate in the QS-S4 displays. You can also switch it out to the EY3 if you are unhappy with the QS-S4 display.

What is Sport Mode on the VSETT Electric Scooter?

Sport Mode gives you Two Minutes of Increased Power!

When activating sport mode on the VSETT, you will see the display show a S. Sport mode gives you increased power for two minutes.

When your two minutes are through you can still ride but you’ll have to wait 5 more minutes before activating Sport mode again. The purpose of limiting the time in sport mode, is to prevent the controller from overheating and burning out.

I know a lot of people have said they were unhappy about the sport mode limiting it to two minutes, but I found it to be a non issue. There is still plenty of power on the VSETT 10+ when not in sport mode and you can still hit top speeds. It’s nice to have a little extra boost when racing friends and not have to worry about your controller overheating.

Very seldomly are you going to find a situation where you are riding more than 2 minutes at full sport mode on the VSETT 10+. The VSETT 10+ picks up speeds very fast in sport mode and I wouldn’t want to take a hard turn at max power.

So unless you have a long straight away with no stops, I don’t see the issue with it limiting the sport mode to 2 minutes.

I believe the sport mode gives you an increased power of 5 amps for the two minutes you activate it. I have reached out to VSETT to confirm this and will update the blog as soon as I receive the answer.

Upgraded Buttons for the Dual Motor, Sport, and Horn

I love the new sleek design for the buttons. The buttons have a metal casing instead of cheap black plastic. The buttons are round and light up instead of those cheap plastic squares.

The overall look is way more aesthetically pleasing than the previous buttons that most electric scooters use. The buttons press in smoothly and you can tell when you are in dual motors instead of guessing.

I’m still blown away at the previous eco/turbo mode buttons being flipped with the single/dual motor button. (This won’t make sense to some but to those who know, they know it is very weird finding on a lot of high powered scooters. I’m glad VSETT fixed this)

An Electronic Horn that is good for Pedestrians but Worthless for Cars

On the VSETT 10+ there is an electronic horn that makes a high pitched noise that would work for pedestrians. It’s pretty much the equivalent of a loud text message alert and the VSETT horn would be next to impossible to hear from cars unless their windows are open.

The high pitched noise also freaks out dogs so I would just audibly let people know you are on their left or right if they are walking a dog.

VSETT 10+ has an Upgraded Kickstand Compared to the ZERO 10X

I am so glad they upgraded the kickstand on the VSETT 10+. The previous kickstand on the ZERO 10X was so tiny compared to the scooter and would have issues holding it up. The new kickstand is strong and sleek and looks like it goes with the scooter.

VSETT Safety Feature: Lockout of Turning Radius to Prevent Accidents

The ZERO scooters have a 360 degree range on the turning. You will never need it so it was unnecessary but it could cause you to have an accident. If you ever turned the steering column 90 degrees while moving it would lock out the scooter throw you from it.

The new VSETT scooters limit your turning radius to prevent a 90 degree lockout. It also helps prevent the cables from being pulled out of the controller or brakes.

What Kind of Brakes does the VSETT 10+ Electric Scooter Have?

The VSETT 10+ has Nutt hydraulic brakes which I find are way superior to zoom brakes that you see on the ZERO 10X. Zoom brakes work fine but they are very sensitive and give you that abrubt braking.

Nutt brakes seem smoother to the touch but have very strong braking and you can pull the full brake lever back without feeling like you are going to get thrown off.

What is the VSETT Electric Scooter IP rating?

The VSETT scooters have a IP44 rating. A product that has a rating of IP44 means that it is protected against solid objects that are bigger than 1mm and water splashing from all directions. We rode the VSETT scooters through some pretty wet conditions and never ran into issues.

However, you should always tread lightly when using a scooter around water. If you have any body damage it can cause water to enter the housing of the battery and controller. We do not know of any distributors that warranty scooters for water damage.

Overall thoughts on the VSETT 10+ Electric Scooter

I love the VSETT 10+. The scooter is not perfect but many improvements were made from the ZERO 10X and the VSETT 10+ is one of the most aesthetically pleasing electric scooters I have ever seen.

With a powerful dual 1400 watt motors and sweet design, this is a beast of a scooter that is also beautiful. I can tell a lot of thought went into designing the VSETT 10+ and I was honored to be one of the first in the US to review the scooter.

I could see myself riding the VSETT 10+ as a daily driver because it is extremely powerful and comfortable to ride. Riding it with the Portland PEV group, I received 7 compliments in just a few hours. If you want to ride a stylish high powered scooter, you can’t go wrong by choosing a VSETT 10+ electric scooter.

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