Best EUC Electric Unicyles 2021

12 Best Electric Unicycles in 2021 Reviewed

Looking for a new electric unicycle? We tested and compared the top 12 best electric unicycles in what may very well be the ultimate review in 2021 below.

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When most people picture a unicycle, they might imagine a comical-looking contraption ridden by a man in a top hat. However, a modern motorized unicycle is quite different. This eco-friendly method of transportation can get up to very high speeds and travel far distances, making them a great option for both thrill-seekers and commuters.

In this guide, we’ll introduce how an electric unicycle works, go through our top picks for the best electric unicycle and discuss buying considerations and frequently asked questions. By the end, you’ll be more than ready to choose the electric unicycle that works for you.

What is an electric unicycle?

EUCs (electric unicycles) join the world of portable battery-powered vehicles like electric scooters, hoverboards, and electric skateboards. The standard electric unicycle is a one-wheel vehicle that contains a motor, battery, and other electronic parts. There are two pedals - one on each side of the wheel - where the rider stands. Some unicycles have padded seats, which can make long rides more comfortable.

Unlike electric skateboards, electric unicycles don’t use a remote control. They are more like hoverboards in that they use gyroscopic technology. As the rider, your movements dictate the speed and direction of the wheel. When you lean forward, the motherboard in the electric unicycle detects the movement and knows to accelerate. When you lean back, the wheel slows down. This allows you to come to a stop.

Why should you consider getting an electric unicycle? They’re compact, lightweight, and powerful. Most of them go further and faster than electric skateboards or scooters. Let’s talk about our top 12 picks.

Top 12 Best Electric Unicycles

1. King Song 16X

King Song 16X Electric unicycle
Top Speed: 31 MPH
Range: 65 miles
Weight: 51.8 lbs
Motor: 2200W
Wheel Size: 16x3 inches
Warranty: 12 months
  • Impressive 65-mile range and 31 mph cruising speed
  • Upgrade from the standard King Song design
  • Great additional features like speakers and high-density lighting

The first thing we noticed about this high-power unicycle is the range. Per charge, it can offer 65 miles. We have the battery to thank for that. It has a capacity of 1554Wh. The motor is impressive as well, with 2200 watts of power. That provides speeds up to 31 mph. Concerned about stability when you’re going so fast? The extra-wide 16x3-inch tires do well on a variety of surfaces. There’s also a seat option if you anticipate getting tired after many miles. To charge the unicycle, it takes around 4 hours to get to 80%, when you’re using a 5A fast charger.

The King Song 16X represents an upgrade from the previous King Song unicycles. There have been some changes to the firmware, controller, and water protection. You still don’t want to ride this in a downpour, but it’s fine to ride in light rain or when the ground is wet. The 16X is fairly lightweight (51.6 pounds) compared to its competitors, but still durable. It can hold up to 330 pounds. When you’re not riding the wheel, it’s easy to transport with the retractable alloy trolleying handle. Other features include quad-5W speakers, a 10W sub-woofer, and high-density LED lighting.

2. Gotway MSX Pro
Gotway MSC Pro e-unicycle
Top Speed: 37 MPH
Range: 60 miles
Weight: 52 lbs
Motor: 2500W
Wheel Size: 19x3 inches
Warranty: 12 months
  • Two motor options for either torque or speed
  • Improved grip-tape and fender
  • Solid water resistance

With the Gotway MSX Pro (also called the MSuper Pro), you get a choice between either torque or speed. The 2500W motor offers better torque, which makes it great for hills. If you live in an area with inclines, this might be the version you want. It’s also better equipped to handle the max rider weight of 325 pounds. Speed-wise, you’ll get around 37 mph. For a slightly-faster top speed of 45 mph, the 2000W unit is the one you want. The battery pack in both is 1800Wh. For range, you can expect about 60 miles per charge.

We also liked that either version of the MSX includes XL Nikola pedals and improved grip-tape. You’ll feel secure on the pedals, even at high speeds. There’s also a self-standing clip-on fender. This helps the wheel stay upright and keeps water and mud from splashing on your back. It’s made from polycarbonate with a sleek black finish.

Speaking of water, this electronic unicycle is well-protected. The wheel housing is enclosed, so any water that gets into the retractable handle chamber drains through. There’s also an epoxy film coating on the motherboard.

3. Inmotion V10/F

Inmotion V10
Top Speed: 25 MPH
Range: 30-40 miles
Weight: 45.4 lbs
Motor: 2000W
Wheel Size: 16x2.5 inches
Warranty: 12 months
  • Good range and speed for the price
  • Upgrade from other wheels in the series
  • Extra features

With a cruising speed of 25mph and 30-40 mile range, this self-balancing unicycle is ideal for a beginner who doesn’t want to sacrifice quality. Choose between the Inmotion V10 and V10F. The V10 has a 650Wh battery, while the V10F has the 960Wh capacity. The V10F will provide a longer range. The motor on both is 2000 watts, so you’ll get that 25mph cruising speed no matter which model you choose.

The V10/F upgrades many of the features of the V8. The cruising speed is faster and it doubles the motor power output and range. The wheels are different, as well. They measure 16x2.5’’ for better stability. Despite this wide tire, the unicycle is thinner and sleeker. The battery pack is above the motor, which is a unique feature. The other notable upgrades are the brighter headlight, which provides more safety in low light conditions, and the larger pedals, which make the ride more comfortable.

What else can we say about this electric unicycle? It has three customizable LEDs on either side, a quick motor cut-off button so you can quickly move the wheel over a curb or stairs, a folding handle, and speakers.

4. King Song 18S

King Song 18S Momowheel
Top Speed: 30 MPH
Range: 60-70 miles
Weight: 50 lbs
Motor: 1500W
Wheel Size: 18x2.5 inches
Warranty: 12 months
  • Two battery capacity options
  • The big tire is ideal for rough terrain
  • Great additional features

The wheel from King Song has two battery capacity options: an 840Wh and 1680WH. That gives this unicycle a range of 60-70 miles, which is on the high end among our top picks. The motor is 1500 watts, giving you a 30mph cruising speed. Note that the specs do say the 30mph unlocks at 620 miles, ensuring you’re comfortable and confident on the wheel. If you value both speed and range, you’ll appreciate the power of this product.

What we really like on the King Song 18S are the big wheels. At 18-inches, the tire is great for riding on uneven or rough terrain like grass, dirt trails, and more. You’ll feel more secure, the ride is smoother, and the size is more proportional to how much power the motor has. The ground clearance is higher than the KS16, too. That makes the wheel (at 28-inches) taller than many other electric unicycles. This height, along with the included padded seat, helps make long journeys more comfortable.

In addition to power and the large tire, you get a lot of other features. The 4x Bluetooth speakers provide good sound quality, the head/tail lighting is light sensitive, and you can adjust the ride tilt-angle of the pedals to your liking.

5. Gotway Monster V3

Gotway Monster V3 2020 electric carbon unicycle
Top Speed: 33 MPH
Range: 96 miles
Weight: 64 lbs
Motor: 2000W
Wheel Size: 22 inches
Warranty: 12 months
  • Upgraded motor and two battery options
  • Huge tire ensures a smooth ride
  • Other upgraded features

If you’re looking for a smooth, fast ride, it’s hard to ignore the Monster V3. It comes in both a 1845Wh and 2400Wh battery capacity. In tests, that provided an extremely impressive range up to 74 miles with a 70kg rider going at 20km/hour speed. That’s about 12 mph, which is what Monster recommends as “safe” cruising speed. The upgraded 2000 watt motor also offers high speeds of 38+ mph.

A powerful motor needs a good tire. The V3 is equipped with a huge 22-inch tire, which gives the rider one of the smoothest rides possible. A big tire can maintain its stability over a wide variety of terrains. The latest Nikola pedals and grip-tape also give you better security, even in wet conditions. There’s also a seat option.

There’s more to like about this electric unicycle. There’s an under-handle lift switch, which keeps the motor from spinning up while you’re picking the wheel up to get over curbs or stairs. The headlight is also brighter and there’s integrated dual 5W Bluetooth speakers to play your favorite music from your phone.

6. Gotway MTen3

Gotway MTen3
Top Speed: 23 MPH
Range: 25-30 miles
Weight: 22 lbs
Motor: 800W
Wheel Size: 10 inches
Warranty: 12 months
  • Three battery capacity options
  • Very compact and lightweight
  • Affordable for beginners

When considering the MTen3, you can choose from three battery capacities: 325Wh, 420WH, or 512Wh. The bigger capacity will get you more range for a maximum of 30 miles. The smaller batteries will get you around 25 miles, depending on your speed. At its fastest, you can get to 23+ mph, thanks to the 800-watt motor. This unicycle was not built for rough roads, so always be careful when riding fast.

The biggest selling point for this unicycle is its compact size. It weighs just 22 pounds and can hold up to 240 pounds. When folded, it’s only 11’’ x 5.6’’ x 17.7” It fits in storage areas where other wheels would be too big. The tire is 10-inches, so it’s best suited for smooth terrain.

This small unicycle might not be the fastest electric unicycle or one that can travel really far, but it comes with great power for its size. It’s also at a great price point for beginners. If you’re new to electric unicycles, you might not know if you’ll love it, so you don’t want to invest a ton of money. You also want a reliable unit. The MTen3 is a great choice.

7. Inmotion V8

Inmotion V8 red
Top Speed: 18 MPH
Range: 20-25 miles
Weight: 30 lbs
Motor: 800W
Wheel Size: 16 inches
Warranty: 12 months
  • Good speed and range
  • Popular with riders
  • App-controlled lighting

Also known as the Solowheel Glide 3, this unicycle offers enough speed and range for beginners, but there isn’t so little power that riders will get bored quickly. Cruising speed peaks at 18mph on even ground, which is about as fast as any rider should go for safety reasons. When you’re going up hills, you should slow down. The 480Wh battery capacity gets you 20-25 miles of range. Charging is fairly quick with the 3A fast charger. It takes about 1 ½ hour to get to 80%.

Riders really like the Inmotion V8. When it first came out in 2017, it was one of the most popular electric unicycles and it has remained much loved. This is because it balances performance and an affordable price point. It has a higher customer satisfaction rating than the smaller Glide 2/V5F. The manufacturer recommends a weight limit of 260 pounds, although ewheels, where the unicycle is sold, recommends a max of 220 pounds. The unicycle itself weighs about 30 pounds. The integrated handle is built right into the body of the wheel.

The other feature we appreciated is the app. It’s been improved from other unicycles in the series. With the app, you can control the three concentric LED rings on either side of the wheel. You can create your own mood lighting effects or turn them off completely if you want.

8. Inmotion V8F

Inmotion V8F
Top Speed: 21.7 MPH
Range: 22 miles
Weight: 32 lbs
Motor: 1000W
Wheel Size: 16 inches
Warranty: 12 months
  • Upgrade from V8
  • Bigger pedals and tire
  • Features fit with mid-range expectations

If you like the look of the V8, but want something a bit better without breaking the bank, the upgraded V8F is worth considering. It has a higher cruising speed of 21.7 mph thanks to the 1000 watt motor. The range is a bit longer as well, so you get 22 miles under ideal conditions. The battery capacity is a bit larger (518Wh), so it takes 3 ½ hours to charge to 80%.

The pedals and wheel are also worth noting. The pedals on this unicycle are large at 9.5-inches, so they’re great for people with bigger feet. You’ll be able to balance better and the ride will be much more comfortable. The wheel is 16-inches, but the unicycle weighs 32 pounds, which is only 2 pounds heavier than the V8. You get a larger wheel without losing portability.

This isn’t the most powerful electric unicycle out there, but if you wish the V8 offered just a little more, the V8F is the better choice. It’s a great mid-range wheel with a price to match.

9. Gotway MCM5 14"

Gotway MCM5
Top Speed: 23-25 MPH
Range: 40 miles
Weight: 37 lbs
Motor: 1500W
Wheel Size: 14 inches
Warranty: 12 months
  • Nicknamed “The Mountain Climber”
  • Fastest cruising speed for a 14’’ wheel
  • Fairly compact size

If you have a lot of hills in your area and are concerned about getting up them with an electric unicycle, you’ll want the MCM5. It’s considered the best unit for this purpose thanks to its impressive torque and acceleration. It has a 1500W sustained motor and battery capacity up to 800Wh. That kind of power gives the wheel the ability to get up hills easily.

The range is also good at around 40 miles, depending on the conditions, while you can get up 23-25 mph. Gotway says this is the fastest cruising speed for any 14-inch wheel. That does come with some risks, though, as smaller wheels tend to not perform as well with rougher roads. You’ll want to keep your speed down if you see potholes and other terrain issues.

For all its power, the MCM5 is fairly small. It weighs 37.2 pounds and can hold up to 250 pounds. Because of its more compact size, it can make sharp turns more easily. It also has an extendable handle to make transportation more convenient. There isn’t a speaker on this unicycle, but it is quiet and has adjustable colored LED strips on top.

10. Inmotion V11

New inmotion V11 2000W electric unicycle review
Top Speed: 31 MPH
Range: 60 miles
Weight: 59.5 lbs
Motor: 2000W
Wheel Size: 18x3 inches
Warranty: 12 months
  • Fast speed and long range
  • Many improvements from older units in the series
  • Great tire and stability

We have a few Inmotion electric unicycles on this list, but the V11 is the most impressive and high-end. It’s equipped with a 2000 watt motor and a 1420Wh battery capacity. That gets you a cruising speed around 31mph, which is an upgrade from the 25mph on the V10. For range, riders can expect about 57 miles at a 20mph cruising speed.

The V11 has many firsts, including the type of batteries it uses. The 21700 cells are installed in a specific way, so the center of gravity is reduced. The wheel is also more slender than other unicycles with similar specs. There’s integrated pedal suspension, automative-grade lighting, an integrated folding stand, and a new trolley handle design.

As for the tire and rider stability, there’s a new 18x3’’ inch. This large tire is great for rougher terrain like dirt trails, The pedal suspension helps with stability significantly, too. The impressive V11 weighs around 60 pounds and can hold up to 300 pounds. If you like the Inmotion brand and want the best of what they have to offer, you’ll be very happy with the V11.

11. Gotway Nikola 2000W

Gotway Nikola 200W solowheel
Top Speed: 35-40 MPH
Range: 70-100 miles
Weight: 54-60 lbs
Motor: 2000W
Wheel Size: 16x3 inches
Warranty: 12 months
  • Four performance options at different price points
  • New and improved design
  • New features

If you have a long commute, you’ll love the range on this electric unicycle. There are four options: 84v 1600Wh, 84v 2100Wh, the 100v 1845Wh, and a 100v 1800Wh model, which has the latest Panasonic 21700 cell. Each one offers a different performance and range. The most affordable one is the 84v, 1600Wh, while you’ll get the most range with the 2100Wh because of its big battery capacity. With these options, you’ll get between 35-40mph in speed and 70-100 miles in range.

Looking at the Inmotion V8 for inspiration, this Nikola has some new design features. The high-density LED ring goes around the perimeter of the wheel, which is striking if you’re riding in low light conditions. The tire is 16x3-inches, so it has better stability, even on unpaved surfaces like dirt and gravel.

The other notable feature is the Bluetooth music speaker. It’s 2x25W, which makes it louder than most electric unicycles. There’s also an integrated voltmeter above the power switch, giving you a better idea of how charged the unicycle is.

12. Gotway Tesla V2

Gotway Tesla V2
Top Speed: 30 MPH
Range: 40-50 miles
Weight: 42 lbs
Motor: 1900W
Wheel Size: 16x2.13 inches
Warranty: 12 months
  • Good speed and range
  • Upgraded control board and controller
  • Additional features

The Telsa V2 is built with a powerful motor and good capacity that provide good speed and range. With 1900 watts in the motor, you can get a 30mph cruising speed. The battery, which is 1020Wh, provides between 40-50 miles. Factors like terrain and rider weight will naturally affect these numbers. Charging to 80% takes about 2 hours with the optional fast charger, so it’s a good idea to get one of those. This charger also makes it easier to monitor your unicycle’s battery state.

This electric unicycle has also been given an improved control-board. It has a bigger heat-sink, complete with dual-cooling fans to keep the system from overheating. There are other improvements in this area, as well that make the unicycle more reliable. The controller is on the side of the wheel, which makes maintenance (like tire changes) easier.

Additional features make the Tesla V2 appealing. It has a telescopic retractable handle, which is very useful for moving the 42-pound unit around when you’re not riding it. The atmospheric LED rings on either side of the wheel are stunning and help keep you visible in low-light conditions.

The Ultimate Electric Unicycle Buying Guide

When you’re shopping for the best electric unicycle for you, what do you need to remember? Here are the top buying considerations you should keep in mind before making a choice: 

Man learning to ride an electric unicycle

Speed and range

When most people are looking at an electric unicycle, they want to know two things: how fast can it get and how far can it go? Battery-powered unicycles can reach very high top speeds, but manufacturers don’t recommend maintaining those top speeds for very long.

Depending on where you live, there might even be laws about how fast you can go on an electronic vehicle. You should also be aware that even just 10mph will feel very fast to a beginner, but as you get better, you might start itching for more speed. Luckily, there are many unicycles in our top picks that can get 30+ mph.

For commuters, range will matter, too. Manufacturers determine range based on certain factors like terrain and rider weight, so always assume a unicycle will most likely travel not as far as the sticker says. You can avoid potentially losing power on the road by always keeping your unicycle’s battery level topped off after each ride.

Weight and wheel size

A unicycle’s weight and wheel size give you insight into at least two aspects of the product: its portability and how it rides. The weight of a unicycle (as light as 22 pounds and heavy as 60 pounds) lets you know how easy it is to carry the unicycle around when you aren’t riding and how it maneuvers. In general, lighter unicycles are easier to accelerate, decelerate, and shift directions. If you want more power, though, that takes a bigger motor and battery, which adds weight.

Wheel size also factors into a unicycle’s ease of use. There are a few sizes you’ll see a lot: 14-inch, 16-inch, and 18-inch. Bigger wheels are good for rougher terrain, but they add weight to the unicycle. Smaller ones give you more agility, but you’re more limited on where you can ride. When looking at weight and wheel size, think about the portability and maneuverability of the unicycle, and balance that out with how much power you want.

Charge time

How long will it take your electric monowheel to charge? If you’re like most people, the faster the better. You probably don’t want to wait around for hours and hours. The speed of a unicycle’s charge depends on how big the battery is. The larger capacity batteries will take longer to charge when they’re low.

Most of the unicycles we’ve seen take a few hours. Getting a fast charger can shorten the charging time by quite a bit. You should always use the charger intended for your specific unicycle and not another brand’s. Avoid letting the battery drain all the way by charging after each ride. This improves the battery’s lifespan.

Safety features

Like all electric vehicles, electric unicycles come with risks. There’s a learning curve with riding one wheel, so you should always exercise caution and practice the basics of getting on and off the wheel, stopping, and so on. You should also look at the durability of the wheel. Is it vulnerable to cracking upon impact? Are there risks associated with high speeds, like overheating? Read through reviews to get an idea about how sturdy the wheel is.

You should also double-check the UL certification. Manufacturers that meet strict safety tests will receive a UL2272 certification. Like many electric vehicles, the very first electric unicycles could overheat easily and become a fire hazard. The UL2272 certification process was created to increase the safety of the product. Many brands out there are adding additional safety features that are worth examining. InMotion units often include speed control and a motor kill switch.

Another safety feature to keep in mind is water protection. Most electric unicycles have some degree of water protection built-in, but make sure you know what that means. It never means waterproof. You should avoid riding in the rain, but if you do, it should only be light rain. Be sure to go around puddles and always store your unicycle indoors. If you’re concerned about slipping around in wet conditions, look for pedals with good grip-tape.

The last safety feature we want to mention: headlights and taillights. These are meant for riding in low light conditions. We don’t recommend heading out for a night ride, but there are times when visibility can be an issue during the day. Light strength is measured in lumens. Many unicycles will point out that the lighting has been improved over previous models.

Additional features

Once you’re considered the essential features like motor power and safety, what else does a unicycle have to offer? Brands know that people want a unicycle that stands out. A feature like a good-quality Bluetooth speaker allows you to play your favorite music right from your phone.

Not all unicycles have speakers, so be sure to look for it if you’re interested. Mobile app compatibility is also becoming more common, but it isn’t standard yet. Many unicycles also have LED strips on the wheel that you can customize with different colors or patterns.


The best cheap electric unicycle will still be fairly pricey, but with vehicles like EUCs, you get what you pay for. You don’t want to go so cheap, you’re sacrificing important features and your safety. When shopping for an electric unicycle, make a list of all the features that you believe are “must-haves.”

If you find a unicycle with an appealing price, but it’s missing one of those must-have features, you most likely won’t be happy if you end up getting it. In our top picks, the most affordable unicycles were around $1000. The high-end ones can cost over $2000. Keep an eye out for sales and deals if your dream unicycle is out of your price range right now.

Frequently Asked Questions

We covered a lot of information in this guide on electric unicycles, but you might still have some questions about wheels and what they’re like. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

Man riding an electric unicycle in the street

Are electric unicycles safe?

The first question most people ask when they learn about electric unicycles is if they’re safe or not. Right off the bat, they look scarier than, say, an electric scooter. You don’t have a handlebar and you need to balance with your legs in an unusual position. For these reasons, electric unicycles can be risky. However, if you’re careful and practice in a safe, open environment, they are not any more dangerous than other electric vehicles. How safe they are depends on how much you’re paying attention and your common sense.

In the past, electric unicycles used to be more dangerous just based on their manufacturing. Like hoverboards, electric unicycles got a bit of a reputation for catching on fire. That’s only a risk if you’re getting the cheapest unicycle you can find. The good brands always use high-quality batteries and other parts, so the risk is very low. You can further ensure the electric unicycle’s safety by following the proper charging recommendations.

Are electric unicycles hard to ride?

After safety, the first thing a person usually wonders when they see an electric unicycle is how hard is it to ride? Again, you don’t have a handlebar. You’re relying only on your ability to balance. Most people say there’s a learning curve when learning to ride a unicycle. Even if you’re experienced with something like an electric skateboard, going to a unicycle could be tricky.

If you’re brand new to any kind of electric vehicle, you’ll most likely need lots of practice to feel totally comfortable. The unique thing about electric unicycles is that you need to be constantly moving to stay balanced. As soon as the wheel stops, you’ll tip over. Practice in a safe, open environment so you don’t crash into anything or anyone. Work on speeding up, slowing down, and stopping. Always keep your speed low until you feel confident.

How much does an electric unicycle cost?

EUCs are not cheap. They use a lot of parts that need to be well-made (like batteries) to be safe. Additional features like wheel size, durability, speakers, and more add to the price tag.

In general, you’ll find lower-end models costing around $300 (we didn’t include anything in this price range in our top picks) with high-end models topping $2000. As with all electric vehicles, you get what you pay for. For the sake of safety and lifespan, you don’t want to cheap out on an electric unicycle.

How fast do electric unicycles go?

The speed of an electric unicycle is tied to its motor power. The more powerful the motor, the faster the vehicle will go.

The cheapest unicycles peak at around 10mph, but in our top picks, the slowest is still 18mph, which feels very fast. The higher-end units can go 40+ mph, but manufacturers recommend avoiding that speed for safety reasons. Before unleashing your unicycle’s full power, be aware of any laws about speed for personal electric vehicles.

Do I need any kind of safety equipment?

Safety equipment is a must with an electric unicycle, just as it’s a must with electric skateboards, hoverboards, and electric scooters. Even the most experienced unicycle riders fall, and if you’re just starting to learn, you will take a tumble at some point in the process.

To protect yourself from serious injury, you want a good helmet, wrist guards, elbow pads, and knee pads. These are the essential pieces of safety gear, as injuries to the head, wrist, elbows, and knees are very common. For added safety, you can also look into padded clothing that protects your chest, shoulders, and hips.

It’s up to you how much you want to invest in safety gear but bear in mind that if you choose not to wear it and you get hurt, your medical bills might far exceed the cost of gear. You could also end up with an injury that has severe, long-term consequences.

Do electric unicycles require maintenance?

Like all other electric vehicles, unicycles do need some maintenance to function at their best for as long as possible. As you ride, the tire pressure might change, so you’ll need to know what the right pressure is and maintain it. If the tire becomes very worn out, it’s best to replace it.

The battery also requires some care. Never allow the battery to drain to 0%. As we’ve said before, it’s a good idea to charge your unicycle after each ride. Store the unicycle indoors.

Unlike regular unicycles, electric ones don’t need to be lubricated or waxed. For cleaning the body, all you need is a microfiber towel. You can also use compressed air to clear away dust and dirt in areas that are harder to reach.

The best thing you can do to keep your unicycle riding strong is to avoid rain, snow, and ice. Riding in ice and snow is an absolute no-no, but a little rain is okay if you must. For the health and longevity of your electric unicycle, though, it’s better to wait for a nicer day.

Can you ride on terrain and go uphill?

Not all electric unicycles are designed for rougher terrain and/or hills, but many of them are. You’ll want to look at features like big tires and high-torque motors if you want to be able to handle rough roads and inclines.

A rider’s weight also impacts a unicycle’s ability to get up hills, so if the brand says their unicycle can go up hills, look at the recommended weight limit and reviews. Also keep in mind that if you’re planning on riding terrain like grass or dirt trails, you’ll need to keep your speed low for safety reasons.


best electric unicycles guide featured image

Why would you get an electric unicycle over an electric skateboard or scooter? In general, EUCs can travel further and faster. While there is a steeper learning curve, this electric vehicle is great for green commuters and adventure-seekers who like to zoom down roads at high speeds.