Mercane Wide Wheel Pro 2020 UK Stock
Mercane Wide Wheel Pro 2020 UK Stock
Mercane Wide Wheel Pro 2020 UK Stock
Mercane Wide Wheel Pro 2020 UK Stock
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Mercane Wide Wheel Pro 2020 UK Stock

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Riders Notes-

Introducing the Mercane WideWheel PRO 2020.

The eagerly anticipated next generation of the globally successful Mercane WideWheel.

Full Specification

  • Motor Dual 2 x 500W 
  • Battery 48V Li-Ion 15AH
  • Range 30miles 
  • Top Speed 28mph- 0-15mph in 3 seconds!
  • Brakes Front & Rear 120mm Disc
  • Suspension Front & Rear Spring Arm
  • Lights Front & Rear LED's
  • Display Smart LCD Display
  • Unit Weight 22KG
  • Rider Weight Up To 110KG
  • Charge Time 4-6 Hours
  • Tires 20cm Diameter 10cm Wide Solid Rubber Composite
  • Folding Folding Handlebars & Stem
  • Cruise Control Yes
  • Hill Climb Up To 30 Degrees
  • Key Start Yes
  • Dimensions L109.5cm W54.9cm H110cm
  • Folded Dimensions L109.5cm W21.9cm H40.0cm 
  • Box L113cm W23cm H49cm
  • Extras Bell & Kickstand Included
  • In The Box WideWheel Pro, Instruction Manual, Mains Charger


Whats New with the WideWheel Pro?

  • Redesigned frame for increased strength.
  • New metal composite blend for increased durability.
  • Reinforced folding mechanism to eliminate handlebar 'wobble'.
  • New LCD smart display showing current speed, mileage, remaining battery, voltage, cruise control, mode select & gear select.
  • New front & rear 120mm disc brakes.
  • Upgraded battery with 12% more capacity & increased performance.
  • Upgraded front headlights and rear brake lights.

Faster Than Ever Before

Mercane Widewheel has always been known as the go-to electric scooter for power and torque. Thanks in large part to two 500W motors (rather than a single 1000W unit), the acceleration is significantly better than in other 1000W electric scooters. This output allows the Widewheel to climb inclines up to 40 degrees steep. Reaching a top speed of 40-42 kilometres per hour (23-24 miles per hour), the Widewheel is more than enough for city riders and off-roaders alike. Finally, it reaches a speed of 25KM/H in just under 3.5 seconds.

All-new Battery with Extended Range

The all-new 48V 15aH highly-efficient lithium-ion battery represents a significant step-up from the 2019 model. With 12% more capacity, it also features a new and improved controller which allows the Mercane Widewheel 2020 to reach higher top speed than the previous models (by about 2-3 KM/H). Designed to last for minimum 500-600 charge cycles, the Widewheel 2020 battery should have a minimum lifespan of 2.5-3 years assuming 4 full charges per week.

Control at Your Fingertips

An integrated LCD display featuring riding statistics such as speed, trip distance, battery voltage remaining, battery charge remaining, along with riding mode and settings (cruise control). Intuitive two-button control - forget about confusing mode switches and difficult controls. Finally, all critical information is available at a glance, putting you in control of your Mercane Widewheel Pro. The 2020 Widewheel throttle is similar to the 2018 make (for those familiar with the previous models). 


Mercane 2020 WideWheel PRO

    Dual Suspension, Double the Comfort

    Mercane Widewheel has been called “the most comfortable electric scooter in the world” largely due to its' dual spring suspension. Highly responsive, with strong responsiveness, the suspension is coupled with the ultra-wide tires to create a stable and comfortable riding experience. The Mercane Widewheel 2020 will easily handle city conditions – from rough curbs to potholes, the frame and suspension will absorb shock and vibration with high efficiency.

    Double Brakes for Added Safety

    Mercane 2020 WideWheel PRO

    The Mercane Widewheel Pro comes equipped with two disc brakes (120mm) - one in the rear and an additional one in the front. This dramatically reduces braking distance and improves handling while braking. Each brake is controlled by a separate handle for ultimate riding comfort. See the 2020 Widewheel on the left in the video – both the 2019 and 2020 models were cruising at a speed of 25KM/H. The difference in braking distance is significant. If you are interested in upgrading to hydraulic brakes at additional cost, do contact us via chat.

    Mercane Frame Re-invented

    MERCANE 2020 WideWheel PRO

    A number of critical components in the new Mercane Widewheel Pro have been re-designed to improve durability. In particular, the neck, fork, and neck parts have been created from new molds and using new, stronger metal blends. This strengthens components that are the most damage-prone and significantly improves the durability of the Widewheel Pro. One of the major complaints about the 2019 model of the Mercane Widewheel was the looseness in the handlebar/stem. It would become loose over time, creating wobbles and reducing stability. This problem has been completely resolved with the new design of the Mercane Widewheel Pro 2020.

    Performance with Bells and Whistles

    Improved LED lights in the front, braking lights in the rear of the scooter. Fast and stable folding mechanism coupled with folding handlebars. Puncture-resistant airless tires made with condensed foam and rubber. The list of features goes on, but the point is that the new Mercane Widewheel 2020 is packed with clever features designed to give you the best riding experience.


    Box Size

    1160mm x 470mm x 230mm


    22 kilograms

    Max Load

    100 kilograms

    Max Speed

    25 mph


    40-50 miles


    Front and rear disc brake (Dual Motor)

    Rear disc brake (Single Motor)


    48V 15Ah Battery (Dual Motor)


    Ultra-wide 6 inch


    2 x 500W (dual) 1 x 500W (single)


    Front and rear spring