NAMI Burn-E 'Viper' electric Scooter review

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The Burn-e is the first electric scooter from Nami – a new scooter brand from well know development engineer Michael Sha.  Michael and his team have been working on the Burn-e for two years.  The objective was to eliminate compromise and disrupt the status-quo with a new standard in high-performance electric scooters.  The Nami Burn-e (code-name Viper) is one of the most anticipated electric scooters this year.

Highly anticipated this scooter is one of the most innovative and highest quality developments in the ultra performance category of electric scooters. Developed based on community requests and feedback, the BURN-E eliminates the weak points of other scooters in the same sector and delivers a smooth, powerful and safe riding experience.

Two powerful 1500W motors with a peak output of 8400W deliver awesome torque and thrilling acceleration up to 60mph. Equipped with a large 72V 35Ah battery with 18650 Panasonic cells, the BURN-E can reach a maximum range of 90 miles ( constant 18mph, 160 lb rider) and a realistic range of around 50 miles.

Similarly powerful as the motors are its full hydraulic 160mm disc brakes. Combined with the integrated electric brake with adjustable intensity, they reliably bring the scooter to a halt. 

Paying specific attention to the community, NAMI integrated innovative technology in its newest scooter. The BURN-E features a large, waterproof smart display which lets riders adjust many settings according to their preferences. You can choose between 5 different ride modes including turbo mode for extra power and fun. On top of that, you can independently adjust the acceleration strength of the front and rear motor and the intensity of the electric brake.

Two adjustable 165mm hydraulic coil-shock suspensions and 11-inch tubeless 90/65-6.5 tires (available in street or off-road) make for a smooth ride in any territory. A powerful 2000 lumen headlight, side LED strips and a rear brake light are part of the all-round lighting system for a safe commute in the dark. 

High-quality parts from its core to the details make the BURN-E one of the most interesting scooters in its class. 

A heat-treated aviation grade welding frame in one piece, a full carbon fiber steering column and polished stainless steel parts give the scooter its robust structure, designed for high speeds and durability.

Weighing a proud 103 lb, the BURN-E is a bit lighter that comparable models in its class and has a newly designed wobble free folding mechanism which allows a relatively compact transportation.

Armed with 8,400W MAX BLDC Motors, a 2,534 WH 110A Panasonic battery pack, and 12 Mosfet 50A sine-wave controllers, the Viper is an absolute MONSTER.

Interview with Micheal Sha

Michael! The world is excited for the Nami Burn-E Viper. I wanted to thank you for allowing us to join your journey and giving us visibility on the magic that happens behind the curtains.

As an enthusiast, I’ve learned so much about how your electric scooter works and the critical engineering decisions behind them.

Could you tell us about yourself, past work experience and how you got into the personal electric mobility industry?

I studied economics in college and work mostly in international trade, I speak both English and Japanese.

My last job (before entering the PEM industry) was sales in Japanese carbon fiber products and manufacturing.

I used to ride a lot MTB, and the company offered the job at an interesting time, so I decided to get into the industry.

At what point did you decide to pursue making the Nami Viper and what is your main motivation?

At the point where I believed there was a good market for the industry. There is also a lack of innovation and quality control. My goal is to change that.

Could you tell us about your team and their experience in developing the Nami Burn-E Viper?

I designed the Viper electric scooter with an industrial designer in China, he is well knowledged, but also new to the electric scooter world. He makes my ideas work. My marketing team is some of the best in the business.

What’s the biggest lesson learned from creating your own electric scooter company?

Things are much harder to do when compared with what is in your mind. If you have a will, you can make it work. There’s alot of people who will not support you, and in the meantime, there’s some who will.

What’s the electric vehicle community like in your city?

I live in Ningbo China. Over here, there isn’t much electric scooter riding in our community, besides some of the manufacturer employees in the area. At Nami, we have 4 colleagues who ride electric scooters almost every day. On some weekends, we’ll go on 100 KM rides for fun, and of course, test the limits of the Viper.

What are 10 reasons why we should consider the Nami Burn-E Viper Electric Scooter?

  1. Welding frame – One piece frame, structurally safe and rigid riding feeling. Uses solution type heat treatment and 100% correct positioning, all hand made!
  2. Smart controller and dashboard – independent adjustment for each controller(max strength and starting power could be set independently), riding modes can be set as preference, heat protection, cruise control with speed adjustable by built in switch.
  3. Smart cable system – quick connectors around and inside the deck for easy repair, and fully water proof system
  4. Strong and high quality hydraulic suspension with rebound adjustment for different road conditions
  5. Carbon fiber steering column and the new designed folding system, it helps for the riding comfort, folding security, and quick operation
  6. Built in full light system – 2000 lumen front light, built in turn lights
  7. 50A controllers that deliver super power and turbo function for extra max speed. The system with ability to set up different output for each motors, and it does affect a lot for different riding conditions.
  8. High quality Panasonic battery cells with copper nickel strip, for maximum protection for the battery, delivers high performance
  9. Polished stainless steel parts for added luxury look and feel
  10. Strong structure and lighter in weight when compared with other models in the market. For example, about 10 kg lighter when compared with zero 11x, however we’re able to fit in 20 extra cells



There is no official IP rating of the whole scooter, but according to tests, Nami BURN-E can be comfortably be ridden in the rain. The quick connections for all electric components, as well as the cables on the handlebar and under the deck are IP55 waterproof.


Testing, Testing, Testing


Every single NAMI scooter is road tested. Every scooter purchased is tested before shipping just as you would do it before you buy, to ensure that everything works the way it should. Besides this, all of the components, like the folding mechanism, the suspension and others have been rigorously tested in labs.