Dualtron Mini review UK

The Dualtron name has been synonymous with quality for a long time now. These electric scooters are known for being well-built, sturdy, and well-performing. 


MiniMotors is a pioneering company in the electric scooter space. They were the first company to release an electric scooter with a dual-motor and have been responsible for a variety of other innovations. 

The Dualtron series is one of their most popular, and with good reason. The Dualtron name has been synonymous with quality for a long time now. These electric scooters are known for being well-built, sturdy, and well-performing. 


Tech Specs at a Glance


 For starters, let’s take a look at some of the tech spec list of the dualtron mini. A quick look at these numbers and specifications will immediately let you know everything that you really need to know about it. It’s compact, but still very powerful and reliable.

The Dualtron Mini electric scooter is one of the most popular scooters available from this series. It’s called the Mini because it’s smaller and more portable than the other scooters found in the Dualtron series. It’s actually the only electric scooter in this series that does not have a dual motor.

But don’t let the name and lack of dual-motor fool you, the MiniMotors Dualtron Mini is a serious electric scooter that is fast, stable, and powerful.

Let’s take a look at what makes this electric scooter so popular in this MiniMotors Dualtron Mini Review.


MiniMotors Dualtron Mini Specifications

Motor 1450w Peak (Dual BLDC Hub Motors)
Battery 52 volt, 17.5 Ah 910Wh LG 3200 cells
Charge Time 10 hours with standard charger, 2.6 hours with the quick charger
Single-Charge Mileage 34 miles (17.5Ah) OR 24 miles(13Ah) - depending on the weight of rider
Max Speed 27mph (43km/h)
Climbing Range Inclines up to 20%
Braking System Rear Drum Brake, Electric Braking & ABS
Lighting Front LED Lighting
Horn No horn
Max Load 220 lbs. (100kg)
Scooter Weight 48lbs
Product Material Frame & Handle: Aviation aluminium forging alloy, 6082-T6, Shaft: SCM440, Covers: Polypropylene
Folding Handlebar Unspecified - Alloy Frame
Folding Steering Tube Unspecified - Alloy Frame
Suspension Front and rear spring & rubber suspension
Size (L x W x H, mm) Unfolded: 1115mm x1170mm x605mm

Folded: 1110mm x410mm x605mm
Water Resistance No IP Rating

MiniMotors Dualtron Mini Video


Here’s a walk-around video to give you a detailed view of the Dualtron Mini features and quality. In summary: Very powerful, sturdy and affordable electric scooter with a decent range for the money!

Dualtron Mini Pros


Very Good Shock Absorption  Very Good Shock Absorption 

 Value for money  Value for money

Battery Life is very good for size  Battery Life is very good for size

Good braking  Good braking capability

Compact yet powerful  Compact yet powerful

Very stable folding system  Very stable folding system

Dualtron Mini Cons


 Shorter deck might require getting used to  Shorter deck might require getting used to

A bit heavier weight than expected for the size  A bit heavier weight than expected for the size

Single motor might be a turn off for some   Single motor might be a turn off for some 






Top Speed & Acceleration


 As noted in the specifications at the beginning of this Dualtron Mini review, the top speed you can get from this electric scooter is about 27mph (45 km/h). That’s plenty fast, no matter where you live if you’re using it to get around. Certainly, there are high-performance electric scooters out there that can go twice as fast as the Dualtron Mini electric scooter, but they are obviously much bulkier and twice as expensive as well.

On even terrain, you can definitely get it up to 40-45 km/h, but the extra power is usually used for climbing hilly areas. Another great option this scooter has is a cruise control mode, which allows you to keep a steady speed and save the battery while commuting.



Battery Life & Range


 As we’ve already mentioned when discussing the Dualtron Mini’s battery, you can expect a range of about 55 km. But it’s important to reiterate that the way you use your Dualtron Mini will have a big impact. If you’re using it to simply commute around town and are keeping it on cruise control, the range will be significantly better. If you are taking it off-road and climbing hills regularly, you can expect the range to decrease significantly. 


Motor Configuration


Before we talk about the power and the speed of the Dualtron Mini electric scooter, it’s important to remember that this really is a commuter electric scooter first and foremost. It has a 1,450 watt motor that’s perfect for city roads but really does well on a variety of road conditions. This motor size is more than enough to bring the MiniMotors Dualtron Mini up to speeds of close to 45 km/h, but as anyone who commutes on city streets knows, you’re probably never going to be able to go that fast. 

But the good thing about having such a powerful motor on this kind of compact electric scooter is that it enables you to climb hilly road conditions with ease. The Dualtron Mini has a hill grade of 20 degrees and a climbing grade of 37%, which makes it one of the best small electric scooters for commuting along hilly terrain. 

Another great thing about the powerful motor is that if you are not going really fast and you are not climbing many hills, your range automatically increases and you’ll be able to ride your Mini for much longer periods of time in between charging. 


Construction & Build Quality


 The Dualtron series is known for having an aesthetic that is a bit bulky and chunky and despite the fact that it’s a smaller electric scooter. This one also has that signature Dualtron look, even if it’s more compact. Since you can get some pretty good speeds on it, it’s important to have a sturdy and large deck, which it does. It’s definitely a little shorter than most scooter decks since it is a compact electric scooter, but the deck is wide enough for you to comfortably ride with both feet together on the deck.

It can support a rider weight of up to 100 kg. The handlebars are also very sturdy and well-built. The slight curvature of the bars helps increase stability and comfort. The handlebars also sport rubberized, ergonomic handgrips that make it easy for you to control the scooter without your hands slipping, even when you are travelling on rough terrain.

It’s built from aviation-grade aluminum alloy combined with steel, which is the product material you’re looking for or if you’re looking for something that’s both light and durable. The weight of the vehicle is about 22 kg.



 We already talked about the handlebars, which are very sturdy and will remind you of the type of handlebars you would see on a mountain bike. The handlebars are fitted with an index finger accelerator, the brake lever (placed on the left side), and the EYE throttle LCD instrument panel.

The fact that the accelerator and LCD display are on the right side and the brake is on the left makes it easy and intuitive to use, even if you’ve never owned an electric scooter before. The fact that the accelerator must be pulled with the finger makes it a bit difficult to regulate precisely, especially if you are going fast or on a bumpy road. However, you can use the cruise control option if you ever need to rest your finger or you find it uncomfortable to have your finger on the accelerator all the time.

The LCD display is excellent and can be seen very clearly both in the sunlight and in the dark. You’ll be able to check your speed, range, and battery percentage with a quick glance at the display. Another interesting feature of the Dualtron Mini electric scooter is that it has three riding modes. Each of these modes has a speed limit assigned to it. If you really want to preserve your battery life, you should be riding in Mode 1 whenever possible, which is the slowest mode.

Scooter Guide 




 The braking system that comes with the Dualtron Mini is both very easy to use and reliable. Most importantly, the brakes are very easy to maintain as well. With the Dualtron Mini, you get a combination drum brake and electric brake, which guarantees braking power and makes it easily adjustable as well.

It also features an anti lock brake system, which keeps your tires from locking when braking. The rear drum brake is operated with a brake lever that is comfortably located on the handlebars.

The ABS and the electric brake work together to keep you safe in extreme situations and when you are riding the Dualtron Mini in slippery or dangerous conditions. It also features spring suspension, which enables it to handle rough terrain well.




One of the main reasons people buy it is the fact that it is compact and easy to transport. The folding system is easily one of the best that we’ve tested. The system is robust but also allows you to fold the scooter very easily. And as we already mentioned, the Dualtron Mini only weighs 22 kg, so it’s fairly easy to pick up if you need to load it into your car or get it into the house. 




 The lights on this e scooter are very cool, even though they might be more for show than they are truly functional. But they are very cool nonetheless. It has LED strips that run up the deck and stem of the scooter and when you turn them on, you get a very cool multi-coloured display that can really get you noticed when riding the streets at night.

Of course, it’s not just about looking cool. This multi-coloured display also keeps you visible and safe when you are riding at night.

However, these stylish LED lights on the deck and stem are obviously not the only lights that are featured on the Dualtron Mini. The scooter also features a dual LED headlight, lights on the steering pole and side panels, and a brake light to ensure that you are seen and secure in an urban environment, especially at night and when surrounded by other vehicles such as cars and motorcycles.

It also comes with a LED remote that you can use to customize all of the lighting.



 The Dualtron Mini electric scooter has pneumatic tyres. The tyre measures 23×5 cm and they are perfect for this size and type of electric scooter. However, these tyres will have to be maintained and you should be regularly checking the tyre pressure. And if the tyre goes flat, you will obviously have to replace it – these types of tyres can’t be repaired. However, the tyres are easy to change and you will probably be able to do it on your own without having to take it to a repair shop.

But what really provides the comfort and stability associated with it are the rubber suspensions and the front and rear spring suspension. The combination of the high-quality suspension and the top-of-the-line tyres makes riding the Dualtron Mini comfortable and stable even at higher speeds.




The deck has a sandpaper-textured layer to provide maximum grip. It also offers ample foot space for comfort and maximum control even on slightly rough surfaces. The size of the deck is proportionate to the rest of the scooter, enough for comfortable back to back footing. Don’t expect to stand with your feet side by side, the deck isn’t wide enough.



Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support


Warranties vary based on where you are buying the Dualtron Mini, but you’ll usually get a warrant of two years for the body and six months for the battery. It’s important to note that water damage will not be covered by the warranty in most cases.

The customer service team is quick to respond and provided us with excellent guidance and information when we engaged them and asked several questions about various features.



One of the main reasons this product so popular is because you’re truly getting a ton of value for the money. The Dualtron Mini usually retails for about £1,180. For that amount of money, the build quality and performance that you get from is really second to none. 

The Dualtron Mini outperforms many more expensive scooters in just about every way. It’s fast, it has great range, and it’s built to last. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better ride for this cost. 

MiniMotors Dualtron Mini Review Conclusion

Overall, we were very happy with the Dualtron Mini. It’s easily one of the best we’ve tried in this price range. If you want to buy a versatile electric scooter that can be used for commutes on a regular basis but also has the ability to go very fast and tackle rough terrain, the Dualtron Mini is hard to beat. 

For the money, you’re not going to find many that are as versatile and as exceptionally built as the Dualtron Mini. It’s fast, it’s stable, and it’s safe, no matter what kind of riding you’re doing. Another underrated feature of the MiniMotors Dualtron Mini is how easy it is to change the tires when necessary. Some electric scooters have complex systems that require you to take it to a professional to get your tires changed, but with the Dualtron Mini, anyone can do it. 

Similar Scooters to Consider

While we strongly believe that you can’t go wrong with the Dualtron Mini at this price point, there are several similar electric scooters in the same price range that you might want to check out as well. We’d recommend the Apollo Explore, the Hiley Tiger 8/9, and the Hiley x9s, if you’re looking for electric scooters that give you performance and build close to the quality of the Dualtron Mini at a similar cost. 

If you’re not ready to spend this amount of money and are looking for something under £1,000 but with similar features, the Hiley x9s is excellent.