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Technology Meets Comfort for Mobility

Made in Korea, the Currus Panther is one of the few electric scooters to run on a 5400W Max Dual Motor that is known to be able to produce an exceptionally high power output and designed to easily handle even the extra load.

The two-wheeler is integrated with a 60V 35Ah H35E Li-ion battery pack from Samsung that can keep the vehicle running for more than 75 miles, even when driven at the top speed. To further add to the battery capacity, there are two charging ports that can simultaneously charge the battery to full power in almost half of the actual charging time. This ensures that you can continue to use the vehicle for long rides and even during the odd hours.


60V 35Ah H35E Li-ion batteries

Maximum Range on a single charge: 75 miles

Dual Motor 5400W Max

11” * 3.5” EXTRA wide tubeless tires

The maximum Load capacity of 330 LBS

Hydraulic breaks with ABS system built-in

150mm Front pressure Suspension

Adjustable height

Body integrated LED light system

Come with Multi Eye-Throttle smart Control system

Foldable and highly compact design

50 mph top speed


To ensure the maximum rider safety, the Currus Panther electric scooter has been integrated with the best-in-class dual hydraulic brakes that come with built-in ABS for improved stability and control. The scooter comes with a new Multi-eye smart throttle system for precision processing and extra-wide tubeless tires to offer much more stability to the rider. To keep the sudden shocks to a minimum and ensure a seamless riding experience, there is a 150mm front pressure suspension. In addition, front LED lights, horns, tail cover, etc. have been added as standard.