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Vsett 10+ Review

Who is it Best For?

Will the VSETT 10+ Be a Good Fit For You?

VSETT – the most recent, premium range of high-performance scooters – reminds me of Apple iPhones. There’s always a new model on the market – each one improving on the specs and the features of the last – and it’s always tough to know exactly which one is going to be right for you.

After all, the 10+ supersedes the VSETT 9+ and has since been improved upon with the 11+. So why should you go for the 10+ – and is it right for you?

Well, it is best for scooter enthusiasts looking for a model that’s almost as fast as VSETT’s top model – the 11+ – but who still have one eye on their budget. It’s also a whole 49 lbs lighter than its high-spec counterpart, meaning it's more nimble.

The 10+ adds more range, more speed, and more pure, unadulterated power than its predecessors in the VSETT line. Plus, with foldable handlebars, a triple stem locking system, and effective turn signals, it has plenty of goodies the 11+ fails to deliver.

It is highly versatile, and – though it’s more suited for on than off-road riding – it can easily handle both. I should also note here that the 10+ isn’t an entry-level model. As a machine, it means business and is ideal as the next level up from more moderate scooters, such as the Apollo Ghost or any of the Manti models.

Sound like it might be the right fit for you? Read on – I’m breaking down everything you need to know about the VSETT 10+.

Pros and Cons


  • Foldable handlebars
  • Powerful dual 1400W motors offer great acceleration and hill-climbing prowess
  • Commanding range
  • Eye-catching black and yellow design
  • Triple stem locking mechanism
  • Superb value for money
  • IP54 water resistance rating


  • The headlight placement can cause visibility issues

Value for Money

Is the Price Tag Worth it?

At £1995, the VSETT 10+is competitively priced.

It’s cheaper than the Wolf Warrior – which, as you’ll see in the next section, sports similar specs. However, with the 10+, you’re getting a lighter, more portable scooter with some extra safety features that are well-suited to an urban environment.

Compared to the VSETT 11+, it is cheaper. The 11+ will give you more speed (53 vs 50 mph), a faster acceleration (dual 1500W vs dual 1400W motors), greater load-bearing capacity (330 vs 285 lbs), and a superior suspension system (front hydraulic and dual rear springs vs front spring and rear hydraulics). Aside from these differences, both scooters share almost all of the same features. You can think about the 11+ like a souped-up 10+. If you’re in the market for a cost-effective scooter and want a model that is nimble and still packs a punch, then you’re going to be very happy with the 10+.



Measuring up at 25.5 inches wide, the handlebars are on par with the likes of those on the VSETT 9+R, as well as other high-performance models like the Varla Eagle One.

While they aren’t as broad as the ultra-wide 27.5-inch handlebars shown off by the VSETT 11+, the handlebars do have something their feature-rich successor lacks – they fold.

In addition to being fully collapsible, the handlebars and stem are super secure when locked into place for riding. For that, you can thank the scooter’s secure triple locking mechanism. This is different from the dual collar clamps you’ll see on the 11+. The level-like mechanism allows you to ride with confidence, free of irritating stem wobble that we’ve seen hinder the ride quality and comfort of other high-performance models.

As well as flaunting a curved, ergonomic shape that’s as easy on the eye as it is on your shoulders, the handlebars are home to some of the scooter’s finest features. Here’s where you’ll find the QS-S4 display and integrated throttle, dual brakes, and motor controls alongside a Turbo Boost button for an added injection of power.


As we’ve come to expect from the VSETT range – or, more accurately, high-performance scooters in general – the 10+R sports a sturdy frame that’s made from an aerospace-grade aluminum alloy.

Substance? Tick. But what about style?

Hell yeah. The 10+R keeps the same overarching design principles as the 9+R – black, but with colorful accents adding a dash of personality. However, the 10+R trades in the airy aquamarine tones of the 9+R, and replaces them with an eye-popping, industrial yellow that I’m a huge fan of.

The frame is reminiscent of the colors of Bumblebee – Sam Witwicky’s best pal in the Transformers movies – that you could be forgiven for wondering if this thing is moonlighting as a world-saving robot.

The highlights of colors are undoubtedly a nice touch, but – importantly – they don’t step over the line into the lurid, over-the-top territory of the 11+. If the 10+R is Bumblebee, the 11+ is somewhere between Optimus Prime, Spiderman, and Captain America – so as you can imagine, it’s a little much.


At 27 inches long, the deck is a little shorter than the 11+’s, and at 8.5 inches wide, it is a little broader than its younger sibling, the 9+R. There’s plenty of space to strike a comfortable stance.

Like the rest of the VSETT range, the deck sports a silicone surface, making it superior to the grip tape on similar scooters, such as the Varla Eagle One and Zero 11X.

The style of the 10+R’s deck makes it easier to wipe down than the 11+, too – unlike the latter, the 10+R isn’t covered in crevices that are difficult to access with a sponge or brush.

Another way in which the 10+R outdoes the 11+ is in the design of its charging ports, which are located at the front of the deck. The 11+R’s ports feature sliding covers which – frustratingly – are prone to sliding off during riding, exposing the ports to damage from the elements. The 10+R’s ports, however, utilize a far more effective waterproof seal, so you’ll have no such worries here.


The VSETT 10+R wears a pair of 10 x 3-inch pneumatic tires.

As well as being plush enough to deliver a stable ride, they provide plenty of insulation to soak up the terrain underfoot, whilst their width maintains a decently-sized contact patch for continual traction.

Working with the front spring suspension and rear hydraulic coil-over-shocks, the wheels form a key part of the scooter’s shock absorption capabilities.

Putting the tires under scrutiny, they have the smallest profile when compared to the 10+R’s closest competitors. For example, the Wolf Warrior has 11 by 3.5 inch tubeless pneumatic tires, and the VSETT 11+ has a set that measures 11 by 4 inches.

By spreading weight over a larger contact patch, the amount of friction (grip) increases. This translates to enhanced handling, especially while riding at top speeds. The wider tires also dramatically reduce cases of slippage when riding in wet conditions. However, there is an upside to the smaller profile – they are more nimble meaning you can execute sharper turns.

Build Quality & Durability

Like its fellow VSETT siblings, the frame is made from a hard-wearing – but, importantly, lightweight – aerospace-grade aluminum alloy. To be precise, it is the same material used on the VSETT 11+ and Wolf King. Known as 6082-T6, it is used to build highly stressed applications, bridges, cranes, and other heavy-duty structures.

The shaft – which is made of a special type of carbon chromium alloy steel called SCM400 – offers durability in spades, while the rear fender is sturdy reinforced plastic. The deck is finished in a silicone surface, while the handlebars are coated in a rubberized material for grip. It comes with an IP54 water resistance rating, too.

Better still, the 10+R forgoes the unreliability of the traditional collar clamp and utilizes a secure triple locking mechanism to secure the stem. This is a superb safety feature and means you won’t have to worry about your scooter’s stem wobbling when riding at pace.

Perhaps my only gripe about the way the 10+R is built is that the handlebars have a unique shape. This can make it tough to mount accessories on, such as a GoPro or phone holder, but is unlikely to be a deal-breaker.

The fact that I’m resorting to nitpicking here to find anything wrong with the 10+R’s build quality shows you just how well this thing is made.

Weight & Load

At 79 lbs, it is surprisingly lightweight for the power on offer.

It’s closer in weight to the slim 9 and 9+R models than it is to the 11+, and – despite not boasting all the same trappings and features as its stockier sibling – it benefits from a simpler, pared-back design and build.

To further paint the picture of the lightweight frame, we only have to look at the rest of the scooters in our database. Applying a 10 lb range from 74 to 84 lbs (with the 10+R’s 79 lbs in the middle), the 10+R is, pound-for-pound, the most powerful out of all 17 models that fall within the weight bracket.

For context, the 10+R has a power to weight ratio of 0.63, where for every pound of scooter weight there is 0.63 mph.

In comparison, some of the scooters it beats are the Dualtron Ultra which follows the 10+R for a podium position of second place (0.62), the EVOLV Pro-R, and Apollo Pro 60V in the middle (0.55), and the Zero 10X closing up the pack (0.48).

Similarly, the 10+R, joint with the Dualtron 3, has the best range to weight ratio of all scooters within its weight bracket (0.94) – where for every pound of scooter weight there are 0.94 miles of range. This is nearly double that of the Zero 10X’s 0.48.

Now that we’ve covered weight in detail, let’s take a look at its load-bearing capabilities.

The VSETT 10+R can support a load of up to 285 lbs. Whilst this is 65 lbs more than standard commuter scooters, it does fall short of its rivals and other high-performance scooters, like the Wolf Warrior and VSETT 11+ that can both support up to 330 lbs. It also doesn’t come close to the Herculean 400 lb load-bearing that Kaabo’s Wolf King can support.

But, when you consider how light it is – particularly when weighed alongside those three hulking scooters – that 285 lb load starts looking pretty impressive. Plus, 285 lbs should be enough to support most riders.


Further Information:

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Folding & Portability

Unlike its big bro, the 11+, as well as both Wolf models, it sports foldable handlebars and a hook, located at the top of the stem, which locks into the kickplate. This makes the 10+R infinitely more portable

Enhanced portability means that it is well-suited if you’re looking for a high-performance scooter that you can store and lift with relative ease


It requires a small amount of assembly. You receive detailed instructions alongside everything you need – including a handy multi-tool – to put the scooter together.

Make sure you check all nuts, bolts, and screws are tight, and that your tires are pumped up to the correct pressure before taking it out on your inaugural ride.

Ride Quality

Is the VSETT 10+R Comfortable to Ride?

For the price you pay, aside from the Wolf Warrior, you won't find a more comfortable ride than the VSETT 10+R.

Working alongside a set of chubby 10 inch pneumatic tires – the kind that screams comfort – the 10+R’s front spring and rear hydraulic suspension delivers superlative heights of ride quality whilst the smooth but responsive hydraulic brakes instill confidence.

To achieve this, the VSETT 10+R combines the best of both worlds. The scooter’s perfectly matched set of coil-over-shocks (the kind that could almost give the Dualtron X a run for its money) work to absorb the most vicious tests of rough terrain, while its swingarms play a pivotal role in facilitating a deep level of suspension.

If you still want the style, specs, and swagger of a top scooter with the ride quality to match, the VSETT 10+R should be firmly in your crosshairs.

Performance & Safety

Speed & Acceleration

Capable of reaching top speeds of 50 mph, the 10+R is in the same league as heavy-hitting high-performance scooters such as the Wolf Warrior, as well as models such as the Dualtron Thunder and the Dualtron Ultra – both of which make the 10+R’s relatively modest price point look like chump change.

Yep – the 10+R is one speedy customer. However, there is one catch… you’ll only be able to reach the maximum 50 mph velocity for up to 2-minutes at a time.

That’s because the 10+R’s top speed can only be reached when you activate Sport (aka Turbo Boost) mode. In my review of the VSETT 11+, I compared this to NOS (otherwise known as nitrous oxide) – a sneaky feature you could use to supercharge your speed in the classic game Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. Pushing the blue Sport button to the left side of the handlebars activates a 2-minute injection of 5 more Ah of power to provide a quick shot of rocket fuel whenever you need it.

Once you’ve used up your two minutes – annoying, I know, but that cap is in place to preserve the longevity of the motors, controller, and battery – you have to wait for the 10-minute cooling-off period before you can go again. Dropping down into the 10+R’s dual-mode (i.e. without Turbo Boost activated) will see you maintain a speed between 44 and 47 mph.

Whilst the 10+R shares the same top speed as the aforementioned, and extremely popular, Wolf Warrior, when you dig deeper into performance, the 10+R lays claim to a much faster acceleration rate. This is a result of the larger dual 1400W motors (vs the Warrior’s dual 1200W motors).



Anyone familiar with my review of the VSETT 11+ will know how much I waxed lyrical about its impressive maximum mileage (85 miles).

The 10+ very nearly hits the same heights (74 miles) as its successor and solidifies its spot in the upper-echelon of long-range rides.

For this, we can thank the 60V 28.0Ah LG battery, a step up from the 48V 21Ah battery powering the likes of the VSETT 9+R and 8R.

The bottom line? The VSETT 10+R has one of the longest ranges known to man. If you want to ride for days. rather than hours, you can’t look past this scooter.

However, it is important to note, that the 74 mile range is dependent on best-case riding conditions that include a 165 lb rider, flat terrain, and the lowest speed setting. This is the case with all electric scooters (you can read more about this in our long-range scooter guide). So, the most important information for you to be aware of is that you should, under realistic conditions (i.e. riding with both motors engaged), see around 37-42 miles.

Hill Climbing

The 10+R can handle hills of up to an absurd 35-degrees.

This is largely down to the work of the dual 1400W motors. To put that in perspective, the amount of power and torque the motors generate is the perfect middle point between the Zero 10X 60V’s 1200W motors and the dual 1600W motors of the Zero 11X.

Put simply, that’s a lot of power. And that’s not even counting the Turbo Boost mode, which adds a shot of adrenaline to your motors to help you over the most ambitious slopes.

Shock Absorption / Suspension

Sitting in the middle ground between the VSETT 9’s spring suspension and the 11’s mix of hydraulic and coil-over-shocks, the 10+R strikes a perfect balance pairing a front spring with an adjustable rear hydraulic coil-over-shock. Combined with its swingarms the system facilitates a deep level of suspension.

As a result, it is perfectly suited to urban terrain and can soak up the challenges of forest trails, dirt tracks, and hiking paths. If extreme off-roading is more your bag, and you plan to ride over rough, rocky terrain, then I recommend the Wolf Warrior. It’s slightly cheaper but boasts a superior motorcycle-grade inverted hydraulic suspension system in the front and dual springs in the rear that are tailor-made for tackling cross-country circuits.


Fitted with a pair of front and rear Nutt hydraulic brakes, which you operate via the levers on the handlebars, it has highly responsive and impressive stopping power.

Various reports have shown that the brakes are smooth to operate without the jerkiness that you can get on other high-performance scooters.

Plus, the 10+R has inherited the same electronic anti-lock braking system (E-ABS) as the VSETT 11+. In simple terms, this prevents your brakes from locking up to avoid skidding and loss of control while braking at top speeds.

Charge Time

The battery takes around 14 hours to reach full charge, which is 2 hours less than the 11+ and 3 hours less than the Wolf Warrior.

Utilizing an extra charger drives the charge time down to 7 hours.

Extra Features

QS-S4 Display & Throttle for Customized Performance Configuration

Sporting a new-and-improved QS-S4 display and throttle – which fixes some of the bugs that plagued that of the previous model – it serves as your scooter’s central command system and cockpit.

This where you’ll keep tabs on your riding mode, speed, and battery life, as well as monitor the distance you’ve covered on your current trip and overall mileage.

Because the QS-S4 which is a standardized piece of tech, that also appears on models from Varla, Apollo, Kaabo, EVOLV, and Zero, doubles as a throttle, it’s where you’ll control your scooter’s speed and acceleration.

While the encasing can fool an untrained eye into thinking that the QS-S4 is the EY3 from MiniMotors, it is not as customizable or high-tech. However, it still allows you to tinker with just about everything you need. Via a range of P-settings, you can activate cruise control, play with the strength of the regenerative braking system, and adjust your scooter’s auto-turn-off settings.

DDM Button to Control Dual Motors

The DDM button – which is located to the left of your handlebars, next to the Sport button – allows you to toggle your dual 1400W motors. After all, it’s unlikely you’ll need the combined power of them all the time; so why not flip the switch on one, and conserve some energy for those longer rides.

Sport (aka Turbo Boost) Button to Inject 5Ah More Power for 2-Minutes of Rocket Fuel

Intrigued by that blue Sport button on the handlebars? You should be.

Hitting it will give you a 2 minute burst of speed: funneling an extra 5Ah of rocket fuel into your drivetrain allowing you to reach the adrenaline-thumping 50 mph top speed.

The only drawback here is that your time at the top will, sadly, be limited. After the 2 minutes of extra power, the scooter’s overheating safety feature steps in, turning Turbo Boost mode off and dropping your pace back down around 44 mph. The scooter needs 10 minutes to cool before you can re-engage the Sport button.

Ultimately, this high-paced, strenuous mode of riding is limited to prevent your scooter’s controller from overheating, and relieve the demands on the battery and motors.

Cruise Control

Hit the P17 setting on your QS-S4 display to coax its cruise control into gear.

This (all but indispensable) feature allows you to maintain a constant speed, without having to keep the throttle pressed down.

NFC Key-Lock Immobilizer (Anti-Theft Function)

The 10+R comes equipped with a key-lock immobilizer, meaning thieves won’t be able to activate the scooter without the right technology.

That technology, in this case, is NFC (near-field communication), which is the same stuff as you find in contactless credit and debit cards. Your 10+R will arrive with a card that you use to unlock the scooter by waving it near the small reader located on the right side of the handlebars.

The card can slot into your wallet – so you don’t have to worry about losing it – and is less apt to be cloned or copied than a key, which affords that added layer of security.

Battery Voltage Display

As with all high-performance scooters, the 10+R is equipped with a battery voltage display that sits underneath the QS-S4 display.

This provides an accurate reading of how much juice you have left in the tan so you can plan the duration of your rides accordingly.


Handily located on the left side of the handlebars, just under the DDM and Sport mode buttons, it’s easy to access when you need it in a hurry.

It’s not as loud as the ground-quaking 105 decibels of the VSETT 11+’s motorcycle-grade horn, but you’ll certainly be heard by pedestrians.

Adjustable Suspension

While I’ve made a point of noting that the suspension system is superior to most of its closest rivals, its adjustable suspension is the cherry on top of the cake.

You can customize the rear spring-coil suspension to suit whichever surface you plan on traversing. Tune the shock absorption down to be stiffer for harder asphalt roads and high-speed rides, or increase it to be softer for off-road adventures.

Adjustable spring suspension is fast becoming a standard feature of high-performance scooters so this isn’t unique to the 10+R.

Range of Stem Turning Motion is Locked to Prevent Accidents

It’s always refreshing to see scooter brands go the extra mile to ensure rider safety, and this particular feature – which is a staple of the VSETT range – is a doozy.

The range of motion when steering is locked. This means you’re protected from the effects of turning too tightly, which can cause the handlebars to swivel at a 90-degree angle. At best, this safety hazard can bring you to an abrupt stop, and rattle you. At worst, it can throw you off the scooter, causing serious injury.

Fortunately, the 10+R has been designed to prevent the handlebars from over-rotating and locking up, and will keep you safe, sound, upright, and – most importantly – on the scooter.

LED Lights and Turn Signals

The illumination comes courtesy of a front headlight, button lights, and responsive rear tail lights.

Typically, I find myself let down by the overall quality and brightness of the LED lights that you find on scooters. They just never seem to be enough, and while the 10+R’s setup is adequate for nighttime riding, you’ll certainly benefit from attaching an extra headlight to the handlebars. Alternatively, you could opt for the Wolf Warrior, Wolf King, or even the VSETT 11+, which serve up the brightest headlights around.

The headlight also suffers from a separate issue that’s related to its placement.

It is located on the front fender, directly above the tire. This causes the light to bounce up and down when the suspension is pressed causing the front fender to be tilted backward at an angle. On the bright side, this issue is only noticeable on rough terrain, so it doesn’t detract from the 10+R’s function as a market-leading urban scooter.

Nevertheless, having a headlight in addition to the two front button lights is a bonus that you rarely see on high-performance scooters. Most (and here I’m looking at you, the Zero 10X and Apollo Pro models) just stick to button lights.

The 10+R is also one of just a handful of scooters to have turn signals. Not only that but – since they’re located on the front and back of the scooter, rather than the side – they’re far more effective than those on the VSETT 11+.

Folding Handlebars for Enhanced Portability

Combining style with portability, the folding handlebars collapse inward, making the scooter easier to store and carry compared to other high-performance models.

It shares this feature with the rest of the VSETT lineup, except for the 11+ because of the sheer size and unadulterated bulk of the thing. Foldable handlebars aren’t a feature you see on scooters similar to the 10+R, such as the Wolf Warrior, Zero 10X, or Apollo Pro.

Wave Goodbye to Collar Clamps, Say Hello to a Secure Triple Stem Locking Mechanism

Collar clamps. Two words bound to strike uncertainty into the heart of many seasoned scooter enthusiasts. But good news, everybody – as the title of this section suggests, the 10+R does away with that frustrating staple of the electric scooter world, and instead favors an innovative triple stem locking mechanism.

As you may already be well aware, collar clamps tend to come loose and cause stem wobble. This new mechanism from VSETT, however, is as solid as a rock, so you’ll never feel as though you’re lacking stability when riding at high speeds. It would have been nice to see this on the 11+ too but you can’t have it all.

IP54 Water Resistance Rating

Like the rest of the VSETT range, it comes with an IP54 water resistance rating. This certification means the scooter is splash-proof from all angles.

This is a super handy credential to boast, although it’s made even more impressive by the fact that water resistance ratings aren’t nearly as common as they should be in the world of high-performance scooters. None of Dualtron’s or INOKIM’s scooters sport them, and it’s a glaring omission even on scooters of as high a caliber as the ever-popular Mantis.

However, it is important to bear in mind that water damage isn’t covered under warranty. So, I recommend avoiding riding when it’s wet out.

pecification: VSETT 10+R



Suitable For



Off-Road, Urban


Folding Frame, Folding Handlebars

Weight (lbs)


Rider Weight (lbs)


Tire Size (inches)


Tire Type

Pneumatic (Air-Filled)

Speed (mph)


Range (miles)


Max Incline (%)


Charge Time (hours)



Front & Rear


ABS (Anti-lock system), Disc, Electronic Regenerative, Hydraulic

Extra Features
Extra Features

Battery Management System, Cruise Control, LED Display, LED Lights, Waterproof Rating